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War And Terror Essay

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Short Essay on War and Terror

The United States is known as a Super Power in the world today for two particular reasons and they are one, the outcome of World War II and two, how the President at that time, Franklin Delano Roosevelt handled conflicts at home as well as conflicts overseas. During that time the United States was going through some challenges dealing with the Great Depression and the difficulties of Germany beginning to start conflicts in Europe where there was nothing being done about it. World War II was a situation America had stayed out of for about three years, but when the U.S. finally did get involved the balance was then tipped in the favor of the allies due ...view middle of the document...

Roosevelt believed in the idea of globalism, which is a national geopolitical policy in which the entire world is regarded as the suitable sphere of influence. This view of the world and its politics by Roosevelt seemed to be a lasting impact that has helped make remarkable changes throughout the world. Another lasting philosophy of Roosevelt was Americanism; this is the development of a military – industrial complex society.

Franklin Roosevelt’s efforts from 1938-1941 both with the rest of the world and here at home made a lasting impact on the United States’ foreign policy. The early 1900’s was led by the ideas of empire, ideology and economics. However, the United States did not directly take part in these ideas because of our protectionist perspective dealing with the world. President Roosevelt had some of his ideas not passed by Congress, for example his policy of un-neutral rearmament. Congress did not see any reason to make any irrational or radical changes in our policy dealing with the world, even though in 1940 Germany was tearing through Europe. [4] In today’s conflict with Iraq President Bush also had problems getting support for the war; not only from congress and people involved in politics but the people of the country were almost divided equally in half. About fifty percent believed we should be in the war and the other didn’t think the war was good for the United States

There were many different aspects of the Second World War and with that came questions, such as questions about the war. Some of these questions that people had asked about this war were “Would the United States have been involved at all if Japan did not attack us?”, “Did Franklin Roosevelt know that Japan was going to attack and let it happen in order for the United States to retaliate in a much worse way on Japan?” Not unlike some of the questions that were asked before the invasion of Iraq, “Is a vital national security interest threatened?” “Do we have a clear obtainable objective?” ”Have the costs been fully and frankly analyzed?” The United States’ entry in the Second World War was based on three things.
First, America got involved as to solidify Franklin Roosevelt’s authority in foreign policy. He permanently changed the way and view that America has on the rest of the world because of his decisions dealing with the War. Roosevelt is remembered as the President that got America out of its greatest depression and led us to victory in the Second World War. Roosevelt redefined politics and geopolitics while he was in office.

The second reason for the United States entering World War II is that Roosevelt was able to “educate” the American people and change their views from ones of separateness to a different view of globalism. He felt it was time for the United States to get involved and change the momentum of the war. He also knew that if the United States got involved it would help to stimulate the...

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