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This document describes the security plan for a WAN (wide area network) that has been setup for an organization to work in an efficient manner. The WAN connects many different locations scattered across a wide area. The WAN is an important feature of the organization and has to play an important role in its working. Huge amount of information is transferred everyday and is crucial for the organization. A network crash due to any reason may cause a huge loss to the organization. Also any intrusion in the network may allow somebody to get hold of private and confidential information about the company. Hence, the security of the network is very crucial to the organization and ...view middle of the document...

The organization we discuss in this document is Sunica, Music and movies. It is a local multimedia chain and has four locations. Each store has been acting independently of one another and has difficulty coordinating customer sales from one store to another based on inventory. As a result of poor communications, revenue and customer base have been lost due to jumbled inventory from store to store, decentralized accounting, and no Internet-based commerce. A network has been setup to connect the four locations all allow them the ability to access a centralized database for inventory and dynamically reorder stock based on sales. Each location will tunnel all financial transactions through a central accounting package, eliminating bookkeeping errors and centralizing the company finances. All transactions and customer inventory browsing will be done through a web interface and custom Intranet Web site. To meet their need for an Internet customer base, web servers will be located in their data center and will tie in to the company’s accounting and transaction servers to provide real-time sales and inventory information to customers. In this document we discuss the security of the above mentioned WAN.
Physical Security policy
Security of the facilities
A number of customers visit the stores of the company. Some of them might be malicious and might try to cause harm to store by stealing, damaging the belongings of the stores or bringing in some unwanted items. All these activities need to be checked.
Physical entry controls: - at the place of entry to store, every entrant must be checked for security and a metal detector machine must be placed at the entrance of the store. The customers should not be allowed to carry any bags inside the store. They should be kept outside the store.
Security offices, rooms and facilities: - a security office will be built at every store and rest rooms for security guards will be provided.
Isolated delivery and loading areas: - each and every store will have a delivery and loading area in the backyard and security guards will monitor the area.
Security of information systems
The equipment for setting the network is very costly and must be kept at a secure place. There should be one server room with proper cooling facilities, since the servers generate a lot of heat. For every store there should be a network administrator who would manage all the servers. Nobody should be allowed to access the server machines.
There would be unused ports over the network, which are connected to no server or laptop. These ports could be misused by the employees or customers visiting the store, so the network administrator must monitor the ports being used. By using simple programs, a network administrator can know the IP’s and description of the machines currently connected to the network. So if some unwanted machine is found on the network, the network administrator can forcibly close the connection.

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