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Walgreens Essay

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Walgreens: An Observational Analysis
Monique Bethany
Week 4: Assignment 2
November 2, 2013

Author Note
No company mentioned in the writing endorses the paper or any group member. All information is strictly for academic purposes and views shared are the expressed opinions of the individual writer.

Walgreens: An Observational Analysis
Forces for Change
The only thing in business that does not change is change itself. In an ever-evolving work environment companies have to adapt in order to stay competitive. Every company that goes through change has different forces to motivate their change. Most companies face similar forces for change. Walgreens is no different from any other ...view middle of the document...

Walgreens has faced increased competition in markets they once owned. The reason competitors were able to infiltrate Walgreens-controlled markets was their ability to buy-out smaller pharmacies located in those markets. Small pharmacies were not the only companies bought out. Companies like Blockbuster that faced financial difficulties were also being bought out because they were situated in a prime location in terms of real-estate. New competitors like Wal-Mart were also able to buy-out companies as they planned on building Walgreens-like stores in the near future. Walgreens has tried to combat competitors buying out small pharmacies by buying them out first. They have also decided to spend more money in their strongest markets to increase their strong hold and try to develop stronger connections in their weaker markets.
Employee engagement. When Walgreens looked at internal forces for change the first opportunity they identified was increasing employee engagement. The reason employee engagement has become a focus for Walgreens is the company realized that they are only as successful as their employees. The company as a whole has gone through transformation. During this transformation Walgreens decided to “thin out” top level management in an effort to free up more money for store level employees. Walgreens’ efforts for employee engagement have led to the development of communities within districts. The advantage of having communities within districts is stores in close proximity have a network to rely on. Employees within the communities can receive training, development, and promotion. Walgreens has always developed a survey process to measure employee engagement called “My Voice, My Walgreens”. Walgreens has used a change in their cultural beliefs to positively affect employee engagement. That leads to the second internal force for change, Walgreens cultural change. Walgreens has developed a new set of cultural beliefs for its employees to demonstrate on a daily basis. They are: Be One; Be Real; Be Bold; Build Trust; Live It; Own It; and Love Customers. “Be One” is focused on a store team being on one accord within a larger community. “Be Real” is focused on employees being truthful and letting their true identities show at work. “Be Bold” is focused on the company’s willingness to allow employees freedom in decision making. “Build Trust” is focused on the company’s desire to build trust within stores’ communities. “Live it” is focused on employees and the company living the new cultural belief framework. “Own It” is focused on every person’s ownership of his or her position and role within the company. Lastly, “Love Customers” is of course focused on providing great customer service to everyone that walks into their neighborhood Walgreens.
Performance Outcomes
Changes happened as a result of the forces for change as previously discussed. They had a positive company-wide affect. Walgreens decided...

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