W315 Prepare And Submit A Situation Report Pe 1 2 And 3

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Prepare and Submit a Situation Report (SITREP) PE Part I

1. QUESTION: What acronym/key word can help you in analyzing terrain? Explain what each letter represents.

2. QUESTION: You and your squad are on an area reconnaissance mission to your next assembly area (AA) and you noticed a route wide enough to deploy your unit, what would you consider that route to be?
ANSWER: An avenue of approach.

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Obstacle. 10.00 out of 10

Prepare and Submit a Situation Report (SITREP) PE Part II

"Blue 1, this is Blue 2, SITREP over"
Wait for Blue 1 to respond - "Blue 2, this is Blue 1, send it over"
"Line 1 - 201233 October 2012
Line 2 - Observing insurgents emplacing IEDs in road way
Line 3 - EEAIIA
Line 4 - Four
Line 5 - None
Line 6 - Green
Line 7 - Class 3 Green, Class 5 Amber
Line 8 - Continuing to observe.
Wait for Blue 1 to confirm full receipt of transmission - "Blue 2 this is blue 1 roger (possible repeat of transmission) Over"
"Blue 1, this is blue 2, roger out."

10.00 out of 10

Prepare and Submit a Situation Report (SITREP) PE Part III

"Black 2, this is Black 5, SITREP over"
Wait for Black 2 to respond - "Black 5, this is Black 2, send it over"
"Line 1 - 110910 October 2012
Line 2 - None
Line 3 - STURST
Line 4 - Three
Line 5 - None
Line 6 - Green
Line 7 - Class 3 Black, Class 5 Amber
Line 8 - Establishing a perimeter defense around the disabled vehicle
Wait for Black 2 to confirm full receipt of transmission - "Black 5 this is black 2 roger (possible repeat of transmission) Over"
"Black 2, this is Black 5, roger out."

10.00 out of 10

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