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Voter Driven Initiatives/Laws Relating To English Language Learner Issues

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Reflective Evaluation
Lesa Kines
Grand Canyon University
Prof: Bryce Solberg
December 19, 2012

Reflective Evaluation
When reflecting back on what kind of a teacher I would be, I would combine demonstrator, facilitator and peer keeper in my daily lesson plan and classroom management.
According to Schwartz all three demonstrators, facilitator and Peer Review, can be put into action in my daily routine. Demonstrator will allow me to demonstrate and the students watch attentively and to take part in an event or activity in the classroom. I am still the primary source of information but the students have an change to be more drawn in in the process. Facilitator focuses on activities in which the ...view middle of the document...

Some of the topics that were most relevance to me were ethics of education profession, self-determination and prevention of challenging behavior. Each one of them work together, my ethic conduct allow me to be fair, and respectful to myself and my students, within that it all me to instill in my students, that they achieve anything and that their behavior will what they want to do as person, and once they understand that can learn and succeed, then this will prevent some challenging behavior.
One of the things that I took personally from the course is that self-determination can be instill at any age, and because I was taught from day one that you can be do and be anything that you to do my belief have not change.
There are some many things that I believe that I need to develop myself in, are understanding what each Of the behavior support levels 1,2,3, group action planning (GAP), Individualized education program(IEP)and Individual family service plan(IFSP). My main resources will be statewide training and peer review. My motive to finding resources is asking my special education team, internet searching, and library and reading all available material.
I believe that my professional abilities has enhanced because I am learning difference ways to apply to my classroom and by taking the class I have to learn to read every assessment and plan giving to me and I believe that giving the student difference praises and encouragement allow them to succeed.
Reflective teaching allow me to look at what I do in the classroom, do a self-observation and self-evaluation and encourage myself to don’t be afraid to ask question and being prepare to make changes for the best of the classroom and the students.

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John J. Wheeler and David Dean Richey: Behavior Management: Principles And Practices Of Positive Behavior Supports (2nd ed.)

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