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Voices Not Heard Essay

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Amber Jacobson
M. Cook
16 November 2012
English 1301.30
E4, Persuasion
Voices Not Heard
Seeing the face of a helpless animal can break your heart. Many animals go through torturous testing on a day to day basis that they cannot help, nor can they defend themselves. Since Ancient Greek times, animals have been undergoing cruel and inhumane medical testing that should not be done for the benefits of the human race. Animal testing is wrong because it is cruel, costly, harmful to animals, unreliable, and outdated.
Animal testing has been around since the times of the Ancient Greeks. Between seventeen million and twenty-two million animals are used for biomedical research each year ...view middle of the document...

They can be blinded, burned, paralyzed, broken, or killed. A whole different type of testing would be biomedical testing where they test to find cures and medicines for the countless diseases we have out in the world right now. Jeremy Bentham, philosopher and founder of utilitarianism, once wrote, “The question is not, Can they reason? nor, Can they talk? but Can they suffer?” (Leepson).
The testing of animals can be extremely costly. Each year, billions of taxpayers’ money is being put towards medical testing on animals by our government. Many Americans do not agree with the way products are being tested and they also do not realize that their own money is being put towards the testing on animals. Donations come in regularly for the testing facilities. The NIH, National Institutes of Health donates and budgets on average twenty-nine billion dollars a year. Various leaders and scientific experts say that money is being discarded for unnecessary and failed experiments.
Each cruel test could potentially harm the animals and may cause them to die. Each animal undergoes a certain amount of testing until it is dead or when the lab scientist sees that the product being tested is taking affect. In my opinion, the testing is cruel and wish there could be some medical breakthrough to where these animals would not have to sit and suffer. They wake up every morning not knowing if today is going to be the day they get tortured to death. Captured and having no use in neither of his arms because they were broken, Billy the monkey had to slide on his elbows everywhere he went. He had to pick up the food by his highly infected teeth and he later died from all his infections and broken bones (Newkirk). Blowing up a monkey in an airplane cockpit should never happen but it does to see if the animal would survive. A baby ape was killed by its own mother because it was driven mad and crushed the infant (Newkirk). The innocent animals do not deserve to be put through such cruel test.
Many see testing on animals as being unethical and unreliable. Humans should not engage in harming another living creature for the benefit of themselves. Animals can do everything a human can do from thinking, feeling pain, and retaining information. So why do humans put animals through such pain? Animals are up for hours at a time anticipating the worst because they cannot fall asleep with all the medicines in their bodies. Some try to yelp in pain but not a peep comes out because their vocal cords had been cut for a test (“Using Animals…”). Some rats died after being fed a ridiculous amount of Louisiana hot sauce (Newkirk). It seems that scientist do not know where to stop with all the animal testing. There should be limits and rules to what can be done and what cannot be done. No animal should die because they got fed to much, or they threw up to many times. They should be tested with something that could not harm them in any shape or form. Making...

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