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Vitamin C Analysis

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Vitamin C
Background Information

Vitamins play an essential role in animal metabolic processes. They are groups of complex organic compounds that do not provide energy. However, without vitamins, animals may develop deficiency diseases or other abnormal conditions. Although most animals cannot synthesise vitamins, certain animals can. Apart from vitamin D, the human body cannot make its own vitamins. As humans, we must obtain the vitamins we require through the food that we consume.
2D Structure of Vitamin C
2D Structure of Vitamin C

3D Structure of Vitamin C
3D Structure of Vitamin C
Vitamin C also known as L-Ascorbic acid is one of the most important nutrients and is essential ...view middle of the document...

Furthermore, a person is more likely to be affected by cardiovascular disease if they lack in vitamin C than someone who has sufficient vitamin C. The cardiovascular disease, atherosclerosis may develop due to the fact that when the artery lining is damaged, there is a lack of vitamin C to aid the growth and repair of the artery lining.
However, there are many sources of vitamin C. Good sources of fruits and vegetables are blueberries, mangoes, cranberries, tomatoes, pineapples, citrus fruits, green leafy vegetables, cabbage, parsley, watercress, sweet potatoes and white potatoes.

* To compare two methods for finding the vitamin C content of a solution taken from titrations with DCPIP or Iodine.
* To investigate which type of fruit juice has the highest vitamin C content.
* Concentrated orange juice has the highest vitamin C content compared to the other fruit juices tested.
* The juices containing the larger amount of citrus fruit content, will have the larger vitamin C content.
* Independent Variable/Manipulated Variable: Type of fruit juice/solution used
* Dependent Variable/Responding Variable: Volume of fruit juice/solution required to reach the end point of the reaction with Iodine or DCPIP.

DCPIP solution and Iodine solution may be reacted with vitamin C or ascorbic acid to investigate the amount of vitamin C in a solution.

Equipment needed:

Burette and stand
100 mL or 200 mL volumetric flask
20 mL pipette
10 mL and 100 mL measuring cylinders
250 mL conical flasks
Volumetric pipette

* Make up the solution that you will need throughout you experiment :
* Weigh out 0.5g of DCPIP solid and add 500cm3 of water to create the DCPIP solution
* Weigh out 0.5g of ascorbic acid solid and add it to 500cm3 of water to make up your ascorbic acid solution
* You will also need 2 mol dm-3 hydrochloric acid solution
* You will need 0.005mol dm-3 iodine solution (this was prepared for me)
* Starch indicator solution: (0.5%). Weigh 0.25 g of soluble starch and add it to 50 mL of near boiling water in a 100 mL conical flask. Stir to dissolve and cool before using.


When in solution, Iodine has a brown colour but Iodide ions are colourless in solution. In this reaction, Starch indicator solution is added to the ascorbic acid/fruit juices, so that when the Iodine is added, a blue-black coloured complex occurs.

* Pipette a 20 mL aliquot of the sample solution (Ascorbic acid/Fruit juices) into a 250 mL conical flask
* Measure out using a 200ml measuring cylinder about 150 mL of distilled water
* Add the distilled water in to the conical flask
* Add 1 mL of the starch indicator solution that you have made, using a 1mL pipette.
* Shake the flask gently and place on a white tile under a burette filled with 0.005 mol dm3
* Titrate the sample with the 0.005 mol L−1 iodine solution.
* Shake the...

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