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Visual Analysis Of “Welcome To College”

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Winfred Hatton
Visual analysis of “Welcome to College”
There are many negative mythsthat have erupted in today’s society about college. The picture, “Welcome to College,” {draw:frame} demonstrates the photographer’s use of many different techniques to oppose these mythsby portraying two female college students in an outdoor setting relaxed and happy. The photographer portrays two ideal college students in order to attract the viewer by showing the relationship between happiness and going to college. This is a tactic to encourage others to attend college.
The photographer captures the viewer’s attention in order from bottom to top. The blurred flowers on the lower half of the ...view middle of the document...

The less stress a student encounters, the more happiness he or she will experience. Because many believe college to be a strenuous environment, they are turned away bysheer intimidation. The photographer addresses this issue by picturing two women in casual attire. The students’ clothes suggest that they are both comfortable at school and not formal or sloppily dressed. This indicates that college is a more relaxed environment. The photographer does this because he/she knows just how important happiness is in a potentially stressful setting such as college. The author captures the women outside and incorporates the beauty of nature. The scenery suggests a calm atmosphere around the women to further stress the photographer’s point of serenity leading to little stress and happiness.
Another negative myth that exists proposes that men are less likely to further their education after high school than women. “Women now make up 56 percent of the college population – and that number continues to rise” (Raven Tyler). It is apparent that the photographer is aware of this issue because he/she picturestwo attractive young women as a method to gain the interest of the male audience. The idea that “sex sells” is just as true as that of selling beauty. The photographer does this in order to appeal to the male gender, but also appeals to females. This is so because women can...

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