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Classification of viruses

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Classification of Viruses

Most things living things in our world are classified into five different categories. Scientist, biologist and academics do this so they know the exact organism that is being examined and discussed. The five kingdoms of life are identified as: plant, fungi, animal, moneran and fungus. Although, in my research I discovered that some scientist argue that there should be more categories. Plants are many celled organisms and there are about a quarter million plant species. The animal kingdom has about ...view middle of the document...

This benefits the virus so it can enter a host cell and reproduce. Some viruses have outer membranes that enable the virus to infect the cell easily. Like our own cells, viruses carry genetic information that is encoded in their nucleic acid. They mutate and reproduce but they can’t carry out metabolism. This is why they are actually classified as a non- living creature. One of the weaknesses in the virus life cycle is that they cannot survive outside of a host cell. In another cell is where they have to reproduce. Viruses infect all kinds and types of cells in plants and animals. Although, most viruses tend to be host specific (Chalong 2013).
Viruses do not belong to any of the five kingdoms of life because of their structure. They do not exhibit the necessary characteristics to belong to any of the five kingdoms. Instead, they have to rely on the five kingdoms of life to survival. Viruses are very small compared to other living organisms. According to Dr. Hunt, Viruses range in size from 20 nanometers in diameter, such as the Parvoviridae, to several hundred nanometers in length in the case of the filoviridae (Hunt 2014).Compared to living cells, viruses do not have cells and have no cell membrane, nucleus or cytoplasm. They also cannot carry out metabolism like other organisms. They cannot respire or digest. These are primary characteristics of all living organisms. Many viruses are crystalline solutions unlike cells such as the polio and mosaic viruses. They have to rely on a host to reproduce unlike other organisms that can reproduce on their own. Outside the host...

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