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Violent Media Good For Kids Essay

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September 20, 2015
Critical Reading Skills
The writers general subject and purpose of the article seems to be the same to me. He is wanting people to know that violent media can be a good for kids. Through his own experience he found that violent comics helped him overcome his fears and even let out his rage in a good way. This article has both opinion ...view middle of the document...

And they developed a program called Power Play to help children. And now he is watching how so called violent cartoons have helped his son overcome the fear for climbing a tree. One of the points he made was he helped a little girl put her rage and fears in to stories and pictures instead of acting them out. Another one was a girl he worked with she used with gangsta rap. I like the whole article could be addressing opposing viewpoints. Because everyone has their own opinion about violent media. This article is to help people understand that violent media can also be beneficial if used in the right way and maybe even under supervision depending on the child. I am not really sure what the thesis is of this article but I am going to say it is," My parents, not trusting the violent world of the late 1960's, built a wall between me and the crudest elements of American pop culture."

Jones, Gerald. "Violent media is good for kids." Mother Jones June 28, 2000. Second Edition Practical Argument 2014, Print

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