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Violence And Substance Abuse Essay

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Substance abuse is increasing day by day in modern world. This indicates that the crime which occurs because of substance abuse also increasing day by day. There are different consequences and effects of violence and substance abuse in the life of people. It is one of the rising concerns of people around the world as people using different kinds of drugs are increasing day by day. It has negative impact in the society as well. There are different organizations around the world which is working to minimize or solve these problems. As violence and substance abuse are interrelated, if we are able to minimize the use of substance abuse then the crime rate will decrease by itself.
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2. Findings
Substance abuse can have negative impacts on people’s judgments. It may alter the decision of the people at the moment when they are using different substance like alcohol, cocaine. Markowitz (2005) suggests that crimes are mostly committed when people are consuming drugs, alcohol.
Van Dorn, Williams, Del-cole, and Hawkins (2009) state that violence and substance abuse has severe impact on people’s mental health. Different mental problem like depression may lead to use of substance abuse. The case may also be where people mental health may be affected due to use of substance abuse.
2.1. Use of substance abuse alter our decision
Markowitz (2005) reports that around 41% of prison inmates have confessed that they had consumed alcohol or other type of drugs when committing the crime. Drugs and other substance alter our decision. We are not in the state of mind when we consume drugs or alcohol so decision made during those time are obviously bad. We do not have idea about the environment around us when we use drugs and later we have confront the consequences of the decision we made at the time.

2.2. Violence, substance abuse and mental problem are interrelated to each other

Van Dorn, Williams, Del-cole, and Hawkins (2009) reports different life event in our life leads the use of substance abuse. Mental problems like depression, anxiety persuade a person to use drugs and alcohol as they think it may help them to forget their problem. People with different mental problem can be aggressive some times and it case cause some serious accidents. As mental problems lead to the use of substance abuse, similarly substance abuse may have negative impact on person’s mental health. For example, if a family member starts using drugs then it have negative effects on the person’s personality because he/she distant themselves from their family and friends.

Fig: Use of drugs

3. Discussion

Violence and substance abuse have negative impact in person’s physical as well as mental health. The physical effects can be cured or may fade after sometime but the effects it is very hard to erase. Markowitz (2005) emphasizes that the mental effects that occurs due to substance abuse and violence may change the life style or the way they perceive the world. If we focus on the adults or teenager then we can find the main reason of using drugs is peer pressure or failure in life. Many people take drugs as a way to forget their problem when the fact is drugs is only way to invite other hundred problems in our life. Criminals or offender are not the only one who have to go through that phase but victims of these type of case also have...

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