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Views On 2012 Election Essay

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Views on 2012 Election

I remember November 6, 2012, being the most controversial election. The election was between Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney who both had their separate views of changing our country and getting the U.S. out of turmoil. I was in Civics and Economics when my teacher put on the election. Throughout the election, my teacher broke the class into groups to discuss the debate. I was uninterested in politics because I thought it did not affect me. However, when my teacher brought up racial issues I was immediately intrigued. Earlier that year, Trayvon Martin, a young black teen, was killed due to racial profiling. This still having an effect on the black community, which I felt Mitt Romney could not relate to. On the other hand, Obama being the first black president, can relate to what it is like growing up as a young black male in America. As I sat and listened to my classmates, I then started to engage in conversation about the election. My overall view on the ...view middle of the document...

My response was, “Considering that Obama captured the most wanted terrorist in the U.S., Osama Bin Laden, he also created numerous of jobs.” With this response, some of my fellow classmates began to really think about how much Obama has contributed to our country. Some felt that Mitt Romney was a better fit because he perpetrated the need for becoming energy independent by making investments in alternative energy sources, reducing gas prices and reducing taxes on middle income Americans. It seemed like everyone’s family had some type of influence on their decision, including myself. With that being said, my family is big on democracy. They feel as if Republicans favor White Americans more rather than Americans in general. White Americans believed that many African Americans voted for President Barack Obama because he is an African American himself. This is not the case. There were more African Americans voting for President Obama because he knows the struggles of being black in a “white society.” Having the least bit of knowledge on the campaign, I just knew Obama had it.
After the discussion that was held in class, I went home to inform my family about how I felt about the campaign, and to also get their views on it. My father, of course, believed that our country would profit from putting Obama back in the White House for another term because he felt that Obama had achieved many things past presidents did not. My mom felt that Mitt Romney would ruin our country by dumping taxes on middle class families so that high income families does not have increased taxes. Therefore, her vote was with President Barack Obama. Basically, my whole family was not for Mitt Romney winning the election. They were all down for Barack Obama.
As I sat back and started to think about the discussion on the campaign that was held in class, it allowed me re-evaluate how important it is to be a participant in politics. I learned that just because it is uninteresting, it still has an effect on everyone’s lives, including myself. With this being said, the Mitt Romney vs. Barack Obama was the first presidential campaign I have ever tuned into. Which made me realize that I should always be mindful of campaigns that has an impact on our country. This way when it’s my time to vote, I will be able to choose the best candidate I think is best for our country.

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