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During the mid-20th century, political and military tensions arose between world powers – the United States and its allies versus the Soviet Union and theirs. The Soviet Union’s desire to build a communist regime was problematic for the United States who wanted to spread the idea of democracy. Upon his election into office in 1953, President Eisenhower’s leadership style was decisive to many Americans as this was the beginning of the early stages of the Cold War. Succeeding Eisenhower, President John F. Kennedy also had to uphold a high level of responsibility especially regarding Vietnam where communist China and Russia sought control.
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52). Eisenhower leadership helped the Saigon government become fully independent of France, and was more than ever strongly anti – Communist, and rejected plans for all-Vietnam elections. Diem with the support of Eisenhower argued that honest elections were impossible in the Communist north. To undermine the Saigon government, the Communist north waged guerilla warfare throughout the south by terrorizing villagers and killing government supporters, as well as establishing their control over large rural areas in the South. Throughout the world, the leadership of Diem was not as recognized as that of Minh. Yet, Eisenhower was determined to win the battle in Vietnam and supported Diem in the hope of an anti-Communist breakthrough throughout Vietnam.
Saigon requested American aid, following the events of the terrorist attacks from the north. The aid was first granted by Eisenhower, but later expanded by President Kennedy who succeeded Eisenhower. Both Eisenhower and Kennedy feared that a Communist takeover in South Vietnam might cause the bordering nations in Southeast Asia to fall to the Communists.
Despite both Eisenhower and Kennedy’s effort to avoid a war, their decision to continue to aid and support South Vietnam eventually escalated to some events that led to the Vietnam War. Both Presidents...

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