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Video Games And Crime Rate Essay

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There are many myths and facts that surround the connection between video games and crime rate. A common misconception is that violent video game research has come up with varying results. It is true that some studies have brought back results have been less than significant but most test results yield faulty statistics on occasion. The importance is that in the overall scheme the results share four key common and consistent effects. The four effects are as follows: increased aggressive behavior, increased aggressive thoughts, increased physiological arousal, and a decrease in pro-social behavior. The increases in aggressive behavior and thoughts not only take into account players of all ...view middle of the document...

However through meta-analysis, compiled results of multiple studies, it has been seen that video game violence affects a larger quantity than second hand tobacco smoke on lung cancer, the effect of lead exposure to I.Q. score in children and even calcium intake on bone mass.
There are various video game titles and video game companies that have caused a stir in society. However when it comes to mass produced and well renowned titles, Rock Star Industries is the clear victor. Currently Rock Star Industries has produced three out of the ten most controversial video games. The most infamous of all video games titles belongs to the Grand Theft Auto series. The game was first release in October 1997, and has grown exponentially ever since. The most notable part of its growth is its availability to nearly everyone. Regardless of what you use to play video games on such as your personal computer, PlayStation, Xbox, or even hand held devices like Game Boys, there is a version of Grand Theft Auto to be played. Despite its negative reputation with some parts of the public, the games massive popularity with the majority of the public has kept the series ongoing. The game’s premise of theft, violence towards women, racial and ethnic themes, and driving under the influence has caused the controversy which surrounds all Grand Theft Auto titles. Groups such as “MADD”, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, have worked countless hours to try to prevent the sales and possibly a ban on the title completely. Though it may seem difficult to connect criminal cases to video games, some on the other hand are unmistakable. One of the most recent instances occurred in a New York suburb and involved six teens who decided to go on a reenactment of their favorite game. They began by beating and robbing a man outside a local super market. Not before recruiting more classmates, they then armed themselves with baseball bats, broom sticks, and crowbars. Their last act involved stopping a woman in her black BMW, stealing her cigarettes, and then stealing the car itself. Grand Theft Auto’s predecessor which is titled “Bully” has received angered reviews from different activists such as the “Peaceaholics” and “Bullying Online.” Most the controversy that surrounds this title has come from educators and parents. Since the main objective of the game is to wreak havoc upon a town and school, these parents and teachers feel that it is encouraging and influencing this behavior on the youth. Though the violence is minimal in comparison to Grand Theft Auto it does share similar characteristics of female degradation and social misconduct. The third Rock Star development and arguably the most violent video game in mass production is Man Hunt. Though this game is vastly more violent and disturbing then either Grand Theft Auto or Bully, it has received vastly less controversy issues. The premise of this game is to aimlessly kill for a snuff film director by the most gruesome means.
With numerous...

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