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Vans Analysis

437 words - 2 pages

1. Background information
2. Client analysis (SWOT analysis)
3. Comparison with its competitors (Perceptual map)+ suggestions
4. Customer analysis (Market segmentation)+ suggestions

Background information: (30s)
• An American brand since 1966
• Apparel industry
• Starting to sell classic skateboarding shoes when the huge skateboarding era (1970s) hit the States
• It is considered as the largest extreme sports clothing company in the world


Vans SWOT analysis

• A well-known brand with strong reputation (Vans has been in business for over 40 years)
• Not too expensive for the consumer, great product pricing comparing with other brands
• High product quality / High perceived value (cushioning, durability, reinforcement for skateboarding)
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• Keen competition from other brands in the same segment (DC and element)
• Fluctuation in currencies and exchange rates

Vans perceptual map

Customer analysis (Correct target customers)
• Demographic segmentation
Age: Children, teenagers and youngsters
Income: Low
• Psychographic segmentation
Old school, vintage style

After SWOT analysis (Suggestions)
1. Transform weaknesses into strength
• Turn the brand into more diversified development apart from skateboarding
• Spend more on R&D
2. Match strengths with opportunities
• Put more focus on the Asian market with vans’s popularity(e.g. hold Vans Warped Tour in Asia) (PR event)
3. Transform threats into opportunities
• Target to new product markets (e.g. other kinds of sports)

Product positioning:
Possible new positioning can be “Fashion-leisure” and “performance-technology”
• “Fashion-leisure”: Deck shoes (Different from skateboarding shoes), Back to the past
• “Performance-technology”: New skateboarding shoes with innovative technology to stand out from others
Interactive marketing: sharing advertisements, print ads on FB, official websites

Target consumers:
New target cluster of consumers who are 30-40 years old (They may prefer fashion-leisure design with old school and vintage and mature style) (Sales promotion)

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