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Vander Steen Candy Company Essay

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Richie Gale Business Administration Marketing Marketing Case Analysis van der Steen Candy Company I. Identification and Explanation of Underlying Problems and/or Issues a) Issues: Running a business, like that of van der Steen Candy Company is never a particularly easy task, especially when there are external macroenvironmental factors that become issues that impact the success of the company. For instance, the fact that van der Steen Candy Company was selling candies to a select group of customers is significant to note. Although van der Steen’s word-of-mouth marketing “strategy” was initially successful with their select group of regular customers, this group of customers then became ...view middle of the document...

Although it is typically not ideal to raise prices, van der Steen needs to continue earning profit in order to retain a long term sustained existence. Without profit, a company is doomed. So at the time, it made sense for van der Steen Company to react to the environmental pressures and raise candy prices to earn a profit. It appears that the prices are at a normal level now, but customers may be steered away from van der Steen Candies in the future if prices were to rise again. It was also noted in the case that there exists a summer sales “valley,” in which sales for the company are noticeably lower in the summer. Consumers just aren’t consuming, for their own particular reasons, van der Steen candies as much in July as they are in December. Because van der Steen Company has no control over who buys what and when, this appears to be another external force impacting the success of the company. When it comes to competition, there seems to be a wide array of it. A 1-pound Whitman’s Sampler, an equivalent to the size of van der Steen candies, sells for $6.85 at Drugfair and $5.19 at Giant’s. A 1-pound box of Russell Stover candy, also the same size of van der Steen candies sold for $5.95 at Drugfair and $6.35 at Hecht’s. But that’s just to name a couple of the more familiar companies. There are numerous other brands of boxed chocolate, most of which sell for under $8.00 a pound. Who’s to say that the market for candies today aren’t more concerned with the actual price of the candies as opposed to the quality? It is in the hands of the consumer to choose their products in the form they want it in as well as the price that they want it in. Should


they feel van der Steen Candy Company charges prices that are out of their price range, they may be more inclined to buy from a competitor. The competition not only exists in Baltimore itself, but it also exists nationally. Whitman, Russell Stover, and Godiva are all brands that distribute their candies nationally. These are companies that have expanded the placement of their products so that it is more easily accessible to consumers. This external promoting that other companies do can affect the van der Steen Candy Company negatively by taking sales away from them. Strengths: One of the more obvious strengths of van der Steen Candy Company is their ideal location. They situated themselves near the center of downtown Baltimore, which is notably one of the bigger cities and seaports in the United States. This internal choice of location has thus served the company well because it attracts businessmen hustling and bustling about the city. The product that the van der Steen family decided to produce has sustained and remained virtually unchanged since 1855 when the family moved into the Baltimore area and began selling candy. All the ingredients that go into the candies are natural and all nutmeals are premium quality. Because of the distinction in quality of candy as well as the careful maintenance...

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