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Vaccination Essay

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Hello everyone, today I'm here to tell you the importance of vaccination. But before I get straight into point, I want to talk about what I have seen when I was searching for the information on the Internet. I found a website so-called “Australia vaccination network” (which are actually anti-vaccine). They’ve got Facebook page, they’ve got Twitter, and they throw myths and untruths about immunisation. Their targeted group are parents who naturally concerned for their children’s wellbeing. I understand that parents feel more pain when they hold their baby and watching them get jab, but I think parents who are refusing to get their children immunised should reconsider before making the choice for their baby. After all, ...view middle of the document...

Before the first vaccine was invented, smallpox was definitely a nightmare in this planet. It was responsible for billion of people’s deaths, it even reshaped demography of the globe in a way that no war ever has. It’s gone, it’s vanished. Diseases that threatened us for hundreds of years no longer exist. Should’t we appreciate to the vaccines?
And yes, some kids - a tiny minority - are allergic to some vaccines. But that is the same as any other kind of allergy. Plenty of people are allergic to pollen or dairy products. That doesn't mean flowers and ice-cream should be banned for everyone. Also,those children who are allergic to certain vaccines desperately need the rest of us to be immunised so they don't have to risk their lives to go through the vaccine schedule
In the 1970s,an incident occurred in England, when there was widespread media concern about the safety of the whooping cough vaccine. (as you might know whooping cough is also a deadly disease)The vaccination rate in England dropped from 81% to 31%. During that time, the number of whooping cough cases increased rapidly. Once vaccination rates went up, the cases of whooping cough decreased dramatically. As you can see, vaccine only work if there is enough percentage of people in community are vaccinated. If more and more parents start to believe in the anecdotes rather than scientific facts, diseases will come back pretty soon.
After consideration of the above, I hope that no-one in this room thinks of vaccines in a negative way, and always remember that millions of children that die annually because they are not vaccinated.
Thank you for listening!

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