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Us101 Week3 Effective Study Habits Essay

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University of Phoenix Material

Effective Study Habits Worksheet

Review Phoenix Career Plan results of Career Plan Building Activity: Work Culture Preference, respond to the following in 50 to 100 words each:

1. Describe your ideal study environment.

My ideal study environment would be a nice quiet place with no Distractions like: my kids asking me to do something for them every 5 minutes or a place with no white noise like a fan or the air pump in my fish tank. My ideal study environment would have a comfy chair with lumbar support a quiet temperature controlled room and the proper lighting for reduce visual stress.

2. List some of the distractions that might ...view middle of the document...

5. List 5 effective study strategies from this week that you will use. Explain why you selected them and why they are effective strategies for online learning.

I will work on managing my study time and alerting my-self to external distractions this way I can figure out a time and area I can study with no distractions. I really haven’t been getting enough sleep and be able to keep up with my daily choirs. I need to work on a better schedule where I can get everything done that needs to be done this way I am not tired and can focus on studying. I Will work on my exercise routine so this way my body isn’t drained. “I practice Yoga 4 times a week and lug fire wood daily”. I have learned that if you are lazy and don’t exercise regularly your brain will not function to its maximum potential and to learn it needs to function at peak performance. I will make studying for class a daily choir if I get in to the routine of logging in to class and reading some of the texts everyday it will improve my study habits and wont feel like work as much as it would if I let days pass and had to catch up.

6. Identify one change you can make immediately to increase the effectiveness of your study habits. Explain how this will help you become more effective.

One change I need to make immediately is to schedule the time I spend working on school work to a time where I have no...

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