Us Programmer Layoff From Off Shoring

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Software Engineering Roles for Displaced Computer Programmers

R. B. Blinder


December 10, 2011

Thomas Edison State College

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Abstract 3
Software Engineering for Displaced Computer Programmers 4
Purpose 5
Education and Training Requirements 8
Sources of data 9
Figure 1 Projections Data 9
Summary 10
References 12
Appendix A 13
Job Summary 1 - Senior Embedded Engineer 14
Job Summary 2 - Android Software Programmer 16

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As computer programming is essentially a universal language available to all, developing countries like Japan and India saw an opportunity. They began to beckon to American companies, luring them in with cheaper, skilled workforces. The result was loss of jobs in the United States, which ultimately led to the need for re-education of American computer programmers, who were displaced, through government programs such as UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF LABOR Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA).
The hiring outlook for software engineers with skills focused on computer programming (coding) is considerably worse than other information technology specialties, due to more companies opting to cut costs by outsourcing to international workforces (Baden, 2010). The U.S. Department of Labor (2008) estimates programmer employment will decline 3 percent through 2018. This is depicted in the 2009 Bureau of Labor report (Figure 1 Projections Data); due to advances in software design and tools that require less programming, the increasing ability of users to write and implement programs independently or re-use software frameworks, and offshore outsourcing, computer programmers can expect to see a decline in available jobs. Programming can be accomplished in countries that have lower prevailing wages.
U.S. employment prospects for other types of software engineers is expected to grow more than 32 percent, between 2008 and 2018, as noted in Projects Data Labor reports (U.S. Dept. of Labor, 2008). This is attributed to internet related growth and emerging mobile technologies. Additionally, companies who are ever-streamlining their operations will continue to work directly with software engineers (face to face) to develop new systems, update existing systems and ward against security threats, which continually progress in complexity and the potential for harm.
This report recommends that programmers improve their "people skills" and business acumen rather than rely purely on programming skills, because "soft skills" are difficult to offshore (Thibodeau, 2009). Employ¬ers are increasingly outsourcing programming jobs (Overby, 2010). More job opportunities will arise for those with general business experience, who are capable of serving as programmer-analysts or systems analysts. Software engineering includes eliciting customers’ requirements, then designing, and testing software to meet those specifications, so those who have the capability of listening to customers and translating their needs into actionable solutions are likely to find employment opportunities, now and in the future.
Emerging software engineering roles to consider and wage estimates
Systems analysts use IT tools to help businesses achieve their goals. They can design and develop new computer systems by selecting hardware and implementing software, or they can determine ways to apply existing systems' resources to suit additional tasks. For 2011, Robert Half’s salary guide...

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