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Us Army Advance Leader Course Essay

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1. Clearly define the ethical problem.

The ethical problem is if I should be honest and report this security breech.

2. Employ applicable laws and regulations.

I would have to check my unit's internal Standard Operation Procedures to determine what the regulations are regarding proper disposal of classified documents.

3. Reflect on the ethical values and their ramifications.

There are seven core Army values. I don't believe that all seven apply to this situation, but I will ...view middle of the document...

I am to fulfill my obligations and refuse to take shortcuts that could undermine the integrity of those obligations. The third Army value is "Respect". Part of that Army value is trusting that all people have done their jobs and fulfilled their duty. Is reporting this breech of security showing a "distrust" in SFC Sharp and SGT Day? The fifth Army value is "Integrity". That means that I will not do or say anything that deceives others. If I agree with SGT Day, and do as he suggests, I am violating my personal beliefs to do what is right.

4. Consider other applicable moral principles.

I can not violate my own personal moral principals. Whatever decision I make, I will have to live with. Is accepting SGT Day's suggestion being disloyal to my unit? Am I being disloyal to SFC Sharp? If I was the SFC, how would I want the situation handled? I must also take into consideration that there may be more to the story. Perhaps this is an opportunity for me to instruct SGT Day on proper procedure and help him learn what is the right thing to do. The last Army value is "Courage". Do I have the courage to do what is right even if the SFC and the SGT will disapprove of the decision I have made? Yes. Yes I do.

5. Commit to and implement the best ethical...

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