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Up A Ladder Essay

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I have always been good with my hands. As a little boy my friends would bring me their broken toys for me to fix for them. Naturally as an adult, I fell into a trade that requires me to use my hands. As the years have gone by I enjoy my job less and less, which has led me to believe that the time has come for me to move on to the next phase of my career. I knew I would have to begin going to school again in order to ...view middle of the document...

Going back to school was an easy decision for me. I am a cable contractor, however I have always been interested in studying the field of IT.
Stability is something that most adults strive for. Whether your job is in corporate America, or you are one of the blue collar workers, you still want the peace of mind in knowing that your job is stable and secure. Being an independent contractor, for different cable companies is something that I fell into. Although I have made plenty of money over the years, there are no real benefits to being independent. As I have become older, I have realized that, while I make a nice living, there will be no pension waiting for me since I do not work directly for any one company. Another down fall of being independent is, finding a good contract is becoming more and more difficult. It seems to me that every time I do manage to find a contract that is worth taking, it is in another state, which means I have to be away from my family for months at a time. I have also noticed that I no longer desire to climb up and down a latter everyday anymore, which is why I have decided that it is time for a career change.

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