Untold Story Of Emmett Till Essay

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Final Report Amanda Haskin, Jiao Liang, Boyu Dang, Joseph Krantz, Zach Tranter
1. Evaluation

A. With the boat not sinking, and finishing in 11th place overall; the race went very well for us. The structure of the boat stayed strong. The walls and its supports were able to withstand the force and wetness of the pond water. Ideally this was made possible because the bottom of our boat was two cardboard pieces thick and the bottom of the entire boat was taped. Our paddles on the other hand were a different story. We created paddles in the shape of ping-pong rackets and the arm of these ...view middle of the document...

Another factor that helped us is the fact that we got an accurate Weight of the boat and the occupants that were going to be in the boat, which allowed figures on the prediction to be very similar to that of the actual outcome. Our predicted water line was at 6.5 inches, and as it turned out we hit our mark.
Inaccuracies could occur most probably in misuse of the equations or inaccurate data being placed into them. This can be a result of many things, for example complicated design or simply not having true weights of occupants and the boat itself.

2) Conclusion

A. As far as the overall boat structure, we would make the width of the boat narrower so it could go faster. The drag and stability of the boat was great. It withstood the water nicely and none of the boat came apart. As far as things we would like to do differently we would consider new ideas for the paddles. Perhaps sections of square cardboard cut-offs would be simple yet sufficient enough to get the job done. Using two paddles per person instead of the one would allow us to use more force in guiding the boat. Also this would give us more control over the boat itself. Allowing turning, and moving forward to all happen much faster and more efficiently. So if we were to compete again we would keep our boat construction primarily the same, and have stronger paddles to get us through the race faster.

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