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Unix Vs Ms Vs Mac Essay

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CIS-155 Final - UNIX vs. MS vs. MAC

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This paper will explore the history of UNIX, Microsoft (MS), and Macintosh (MAC) operating systems. Not only will I discuss the history of these systems, but I will also dive into the pros and cons of each. The benefits of each over its rivals will also be discussed.
Keywords: open source, UNIX, Windows,
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The topic of what operating system is best has been a long and heated one. But, in the long run, UNIX will ...view middle of the document...

” (Amir Afzal, 2008) After realizing the need for UNIX to be written in a different language, Thomson and Ritchie rewrote it using C. The C programming language is a general-purpose language featuring the commands and structures of modern, high-level computer languages. In 1975, Bell Labs offered it to educational institutions. Courses began on how to use it and in turn, it
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became very popular with students graduating and moving into the commercial sector.
Two major versions of UNIX came about around this time. AT&T UNIX version V was released in 1983. Berkley UNIX was also released around this time with its final release being accomplished in 1995. Other UNIX standards were also introduced to the market and as more application programs became available, an effort toward UNIX standardization began. “AT&T’s UNIX System V Release 4.0 was an effort to standardize the UNIX system and, in turn, to facilitate the writing of the applications that run on all versions.” Most of the other UNIX vendors offer versions that are based on UNIX System V. One of these platforms is Linux, which is a variant of the UNIX operating system is the brainchild of Linus Torvalds, a computer science student at the University of Helsinki in Finland. “SunOS, later called Solaris, was the operating system of Sun Microsystems that was based on UNIX System V Release 2 and BSD (Berkeley Software Distribution) 4.3.” (Afzal, 2008)
Early UNIX based operating models have continued to spread due to its open source code. “In production and development, open source as a philosophy promotes a universal access via free license to a product’s design or blueprint, and b) universal redistribution of that design or blueprint, including subsequent improvements to it by anyone.” (Joshua Pearce, 2012) This means that most UNIX operating systems can be changed or altered by the user. For example, if the reader downloaded one of the many versions associated with UNIX, he or she would be able to change anything they like in it. Open source ideology was very significant in the early growth of Unix based operating systems. Today, many of the newer systems are straying away from open source.
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The following diagram illustrates how many different operating systems flourished during the early stages of UNIX history.

Microsoft Windows got its roots in 1980. Bill Gates and Paul Allen were trying to bridge the gap between the computer hardware and programs, such as word processor. They named their new operating system MS-DOS. MS-DOS was effective, but it also proved to be difficult to learn or understand for many people. In 1985, Microsoft created Windows 1.0. It had drop-down menus, scroll bars, icons, and dialog boxes that made programs easier to use. As time progressed and technology increased, a faster program was in...

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