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Universal Health Care Essay

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In 2007, more than 45 million Americans did not have health care insurance. The United States is the only industrialized major nation in the world without health care, and the debate about changing that has become a popular issue recently. The sharp difference between the two sides is a difference in ethical values; those for universal health care desire to see the government help others, mainly the lower class, and those who do not, wish that private companies be allowed to continue taking advantage of the status quo for profit. In this paper, I will argue why the Government should put in place The Universal Healthcare Systems.[1]

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This makes these companies have to pay outs substantial amount of money. This is the reason why premiums for family coverage have increased during the resent years. Private insurance companies can inflate the price of their service if they desire. A universal healthcare system prevents that because it is run by the government.[2]

I personally understand health care cost, and spending is a major concern for our society. Many governments around the world have established all-embracing health care, which takes the burden of health care expenses off of private businesses or individuals through pooling of financial possibility. There are tons of arguments for universal health care, and related health care practices. Health care is an important part of health systems, and therefore, it often accounts for one of the largest areas of high spending for both governments and individuals all over the world. For example, medical debt is now a leading cause of personal bankruptcy in the United States. A policy should be created to help lower the cost of health care.2

One way that would help improve health care spending is to create a universal health care to make sure everyone is covered. By creating this, it will help decrease the number of...

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