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Unit " P2 Essay

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Joseph Jones
P2 describe the main employability, personal and communication skills required when applying for a specific job role.

In this task I will be writing about the main employability, personal and communications skills required to be a P.E teacher.
The main employability skills required to be a P.E teacher are that they actually have the required qualifications for the desired role. If they do not have the qualifications to be a P.E teacher then there is no way at all that they would be employed by anyone to teach P.E. The fact that an ...view middle of the document...

Another employability skill that employers look for is the ability to observe standards and the ability to further raise them standards. This is key for the job as a P.E teacher as P.E teachers are always expected to raise the standard of physical education within the schools that they teach. Other generic employability skills that employers would look for are punctuality, honesty, and fairness. These skills are required in every job.
The main personal skill that an employer will look for in a P.E teacher is organisational skills and time management, these skills are excellent qualities for a P.E teacher as it will allow them to plan lessons to a specific time scale which will allow the teacher to get the best out of their students. Other personal skills that are key for being a P.E teacher is leadership skills and verbal skills as the P.E teacher has to be able to communicate clearly with students so that they know exactly what they are being asked to do. Another key personal skill that is required is self motivation, this skill is arguably the most important for a job such as a P.E teacher as it is very difficult to motivate yourself everyday to teach young children physical education as they tend to get very hyperactive during the lessons.

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