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Unit 9 Lab 1 Essay

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Task 1
1. The Cisco RV220W Firewall is a hardware firewall that doubles as a router. It has VPN security to allow safe access from remote computers and offices. It also protects against cloud based threats. ZoneAlarm is a software two-way firewall and also comes with backup software. It monitors your programs constantly and should a virus or malicious program make it through it catches it immediately.
Task 2
1. Panda, Norton, and Kapersky all offer free trial versions of their products. AVG is the only full-fledged free anti-virus software in the group. McAfee does not offer trial versions or a free version, only purchasable options.
2. A Trojan horse is an application that appears benign but is really a destructive program. A user will think they are downloading something beneficial to their computer ...view middle of the document...

A full backup backs up all the files and folders on a specific drive every time you use that file set. It takes longer and uses up more file space. An incremental back up backs up everything just like a full backup but the next time you go to perform an incremental backup it only backs up the files that have been changed since the last incremental backup. A differential backup backs up the files that have been changed since the last full backup.
2. Backups should be stored off-site in order to protect them from physical damage. If you backup a computer and keep the information in the same area then it could be destroyed in the event of a natural disaster or it could be pilfered by an untrustworthy person, eliminating the need for a backup in the first place. It should be periodically tested to make sure the data stored is still accessible and in full working order.
3. A hot site for hardware backup is a fully functioning site where, in the event of a disaster, an office can come in and continue working without any delays. The area is already equipped with all the necessary hardware to continue operations. It is the most expensive to maintain since it is essentially a second, running site. A cold site is an area that is kept by the company but they have to bring in all hardware and furniture in order to get the site operational again. It takes longer but it is the least expensive. A warm site allows you to pre-configure hardware and get your bandwidth set so in the event of a disaster you can just come in and load your software to get going.
Task 4
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