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Unit 6 Essay

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What is NAS device?
network-attached storage is a dedicated hard disk storage device that provides file-based data storage services to other devices on the network.. NAS allows more hard disk storage space to be added to a network that already utilizes servers without shutting them down for maintenance and upgrades. It delivers the data to the user and does not need to be located within the server but can exist anywhere in a LAN and can be made up of multiple networked NAS devices.
Although it may technically be possible to run other software on a NAS unit, it is not designed to be a general purpose server. For example, NAS units usually do not have a keyboard or display, and are ...view middle of the document...

Vendors are responding to the concerns by producing fault-tolerant NAS appliances that try to combine NAS' traditional virtue of ease of installation and low cost with fault tolerant features such as no single point of failure. For example NAS vendor Procom Technology recently introduced the NetForce 3000 series of appliances that include dual active controllers, redundant fans and power supplies. One model in the series includes dual active server modules with no single point of failure, and the company claims a five-second failover time.
Are management features available?
Management features available consider using SSL to protect the Web management interface a bare minimum. Support of protocols such as SSH for encryption of RSYNC data transfers would be excellent. SMB’s with more than two dozen users will appreciate a proper management console from which users and permissions can be managed. SMB’s that have deployed Active Directory will be looking for a NAS that supports it as well
Advanced models can switch off when not in use to save power. iSCSI support. Also has the ability to sync with or back up another NAS. Support for synchronizing with Cloud support.
The benefits of having an NAS device are that you can have multiple computers access it, and at a faster rate than an external Hard Drive. NAS is a stand alone device. Also if you have music, pictures or videos it’s a lot safer to store them on an NAS device because even if a drive fails the data will be...

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