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Unit 5 Quiz Essay

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1. Question : Which of the following defines a Union Shop?

Student Answer: The union’s right to be the sole representative of workers.

Management interference with a union organizing effort.

Picketing and strikes.

Workers within specified categories are required to join the union.

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2. Question : Quid pro quo means:

Student Answer: “one thing for another.”

“let the status remain.”

“for the common good.”

“fairness in all things.”

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3. Question : Factors influencing whether a servant is acting within the scope of ...view middle of the document...

Hans promoted five white males because they were the most senior.
Luke refused to hire a Buddhist to work on a Christian Science newspaper.
Max hired a male corporate lawyer because his clients had more confidence in male lawyers.

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7. Question : Express authority can be created by:

Student Answer: words spoken directly to the agent.


written words given to one person to give to another person, the agent.
All the above.

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8. Question : The duty of fair representation created by the NLRA and the LMRDA requires that:

Student Answer: a union represent all members impartially and in good faith.

a union must pursue any member’s grievance against the employer.
an employer, in communications with employees during a union organizing effort, must fairly represent the effects it believes a union will have on the company.
the NLRB certify only proposed...

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