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Unit 5 Essay

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1.) Choosing a database management system requires a great deal of analysis. TRUE
2.) When choosing a database management system, you should consider system compatibility and hardware requirements. TRUE
3.) Only insert and update statements are part of a database transaction. FALSE
4.) Physical design is independent of any particular database management system. FALSE
5.) A data type is a column specification that determines what kind of data can be stored in it. TRUE
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8.) Varchar and NVarchar are variable length character types. TRUE
9.) NChar and NVarchar are based on the Unicode character set. TRUE
10.) Unicode is an expanded character set that contains non-Latin characters. TRUE
11.) A null is the same as a 0 or an empty string. FALSE
12.) You should not allow nulls in columns that are critical to your business rules. TRUE
13.) Tables can only be created by SQL statements in SQL Server. FALSE
14.) Referential integrity exists when every foreign key relates to a primary key. TRUE
15.) When referential integrity is in effect, you cannot delete a record in the primary key table until you have first deleted all the related records in the foreign key table. TRUE
16.) When referential integrity is in effect, you can only enter records in the foreign key side of the relation of it relates directly to a record in the primary key table. TRUE
17.) When referential integrity is in effect you cannot change the value of the primary key without also changing the value of the foreign key. TRUE
18.) When referential integrity is in effect, you can only change a foreign key value to one that exists in the primary key table. TRUE
19.) You should always test a database with sample data. TRUE
20.) Sample data should be complex enough to test the business. TRUE

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