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Unit 4 Business Communication Essay

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Business communication
Communication in Business

* Produce and evaluate two or more pieces of external communication based on your chosen business.


Throughout the report I shall be evaluating two pieces of external communication for the company Mulberry. One of the pieces in which I have created myself and the other a real piece used by Mulberry. I will be evaluating these adverts whilst considering audience, purpose and effectiveness once establishing the type, medium and method for each communication. I will also need to evaluate these two pieces of external communication as key contributors to review the success of the organization. Examples to ...view middle of the document...

(Appendices Two) My advertisement met my set criteria extremely well, including all of the essential elements for external communication. The purpose of my advert is to recruit a new full time sales assistant, I have made this extremely clear by the use of my hook ‘NOW RECRUITING’. The purpose of my advert is particularly clear because it gets the point straight across to the audience. I think that it is really important for the advert to have a clear, objective purpose so that it can therefore meet this purpose efficiently.
The hook on the advertisement I created is also a very important because it engages the reader and enforces curiosity. This will draw the audience’s attention to the advertisement which is important in order to quickly interest the reader. Regarding to my advertisement’s hook, I have made it short, sweet and bold which are all positive element to help entice the reader. Alongside the hook I have also considered the color of my external communication. By using a bold red color, I have allowed the advert to stand out and catch the readers eye. I think that even though my hook immediately catches the readers notice, next time I could improve this by thinking of something more creative, rather than ‘NOW RECRUITING’.
A piece of information was the next target set on my key criteria. I met this by essentially explaining the purpose of the advertisement- recruitment. I included details such as a person specification and what Mulberry, as a company, has to offer to the potential employee. In doing this my audience can know exactly what Mulberry is looking for and they can know what to expect when working for Mulberry. I think this is really essential because it is straight forward to the audience and easy for them to understand, jargon free.
In my advertisement I also incorporated celebrity endorsement which will make the company appear more recognizable to the audience, furthermore making the advertisement more successful. I have included Georgia May Jagger, a famous model and the face of Mulberry. She appears holding a bright red Mulberry bag, giving a direct mode of address to the audience. This allows the audience to feel as if the advert is directly aimed to them. I think this method is massively effective because it makes the advert feel more personal to the audience.
The next essential element for my piece of external communication is a call for action. This is fundamentally an instruction to the audience which will provoke an immediate response. I have used an imperative verb of ‘apply now,’ which is most effective because it tells the audience to do it ‘now’ which provokes an immediate response like it is supposed to. I think this is a great method for a job advertisement, because it will speed up the recruitment process and allow the company to fill in the vacancy as quickly as possible.
I have aimed my job advertisement at individuals looking for a job, who also have the interest in Mulberry, handbags or fashion. I have...

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