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Unit 33 Essay

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produce a personal development plan to help individual for increased use of e-business.

IT Skills
All e businesses needs to know how to use computer and internet because it is all done via computer for example: creating the business, selling and promoting. IT skills will help develop the e-business to increase sales and online marketing like emailing and social networking.
Microsoft Office
There are many different skills required for e-business worker. One of them is to know how to use Microsoft Office such as Excel, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint etc. Excel is used for setting up database of profit/gross and losses.
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The government provide training and giving you some advice how to start up. IT training helps to know how to use software tools. This program can help you to organise finances and provide assistance for customers. IT training also helps to operate the internet, PC and many different programs.
Flexibility working
There is a lot of benefits of offering flexible working such as keeping skills and experience, having staff you know and can trust to delegate to, saving time and money recruiting etc. Flexible work can include part time working, job sharing, flexible working hours and remote of home working.
Working at home/ on the road
E-business it is not the type of business when you must to have office. With e-business you have a choice to work at home or in an office.

There are advantages and disadvantages for working at home. The advantages of working at home are:
Flexibility- Doing things you need to get done during open hours, the ability to take a long lunch or book some appointments.
Clothes- You are able to wear comfortable clothing so there is no need to wear formal clothes that most jobs require to.
Housework- Distracting your mind from current focus
Delay- There is no one to force you to work or no deadline that need to be met. In the business world there is always something that need to be done but at home it can be too easy to put off this stuff next day.

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