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Unit 3 Polarity Paper

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Unit 3 – Project
Polarity Paper (Individual and Team)

Polarity Paper (Individual and Team)

1. Polarities and polarity management
Before you can learn about how the polarity management model works, you must first be able to understand what polarities actually are. Polarities are issues that are continuous and you can’t solve them or avoid them. Polarities are opposites which function best when both are present to balance with each other (Johnson, 1998). It is important to remember that a polarity is different than a problem, because a problem is something you solve and a polarity is something that you address and manage (Caldwell, 2011). Since this is the case you must ...view middle of the document...

Above is the polarity map I created and as you can see the two poles I chose do represent a true polarity. The polarity that I have chosen is individual and team. This is a very good one to choose, because I think these two must be managed properly to have an efficient virtual team. When creating a polarity map you must have good polarity management, meaning that you need to find a way to get the best out of both poles, so for me that would be individual and team (Johnson, 1998). Even though I want to get the best out of both of them I also have to do it without exceeding the boundaries of either of them.
On the left side is the individual pole and above it are some of the good qualities of working alone, and below are the negative things about working by alone. The same goes for the right side team pole, except that the team pole is on that side. By looking at this you can see that to work best within a virtual team you have to balance it out between individual and team. Sometimes it is good to work alone and other times it is best to work within your virtual team. A great leader/manager will find a way to balance them both out, so that their team works to the best of their abilities.

3. Applying Polarity Management to your top management team.
My recommendation is for the people in charge to manage this polarity, individual and team, the best possible way they can. There will never be a solution to this polarity,...

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