Unit 3 P1 Health And Social Care Level 3

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P1 – Explain potential hazards and the harm that may arise from each in a health and social care setting.
Hazards are referred to as anything that can cause harm to someone. Hazards can be found everywhere, for example, people will be able to spot hazards when travelling to work and when they are present in the workplace. Additionally, there are three main types of hazard, these are health hazards, safety hazards and security hazards. A health hazard would be a risk of somebody becoming ill from an incident. A safety hazard would associate with someone becoming injured, however a safety hazard could also relate to an incident ...view middle of the document...

Risks that can arise within old people is that they’re unsteady on their feet and tend to have poor hearing and vision. Hazards associated with falling can be prevented if they walk with a walking stick or use aids such as hearing aids and glasses. A risk that may arise when an individual has learning difficulties would be when they visit the doctors and they don’t understand the information they have been given therefore they won’t be able to handle with their problem the way in which they have been advised to. This risk can be prevented if a carer or parent goes to health and social care settings with the individual so there is somebody to keep track of important information. A risk that could arise within a young child at school would be that they have less experience identifying risks therefore they may get run over in the school car park or cannot read effectively therefore they may run and slip over on a wet floor that has a warning sign. This could be prevented if teachers and parents explain to children how to cross the road and identify potential hazards for example warning signs such as yellow cones. Risks that can arise in adolescents would be the fact that they are also less experienced with hazards associated with harmful substances such as drugs and alcohol, this is the stage in life where most people become pressured or pressurise themselves into hazardous situations where they can either drink too much alcohol and have to be rushed to hospital because they have alcohol poisoning or they take too many legal or illegal drugs whereby they can either die or become mentally ill which can affect their lives for a long period of time. These risks can be prevented by parents and teachers advising children of the potential risks that can be faced with harmful substances, however most adolescents don’t realise the damage that can be caused until they experience the effects themselves. A risk that can be found within a baby is that they cannot speak and can’t exactly tell someone if they are poorly therefore if they have developed a serious medical condition nobody will know until the damage is done. This hazard can be prevented if parents take their child to regular doctor and hospital check-ups and even record their temperature daily or weekly. Finally, hazards that can arise within individuals who are sensory impaired, especially the blind will find it hard to transport themselves places such as walking up the stairs. The hazard of a visually impaired individual falling up or down the stairs or walking into a door can be prevented if florescent tape is stuck to the outlining of objects such as doors and the edge of each step or even if bumpy stickers are placed on the outlining of a door or banister so people know where they are.
Moreover, Risks from hazards within a health and social care setting can come from equipment, infections, substances, waste and from the environment overall etc. Risks that can be due to the environment...

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