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Unit 2 Aiu Db Essay

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Unit 2 Discussion Board
Thesis Statement: “War on Terror” has reduced more of our freedoms in America and has done little to catch Terrorist: we should eliminate the TSA and reevaluate all the other amendments that are being infringed upon and restore our freedom.
Annotated Bibliography
Garrett, R. L. (2014). Lone Wolves: Coming to an Airport near You?. Airport Business, 28(3),
Ronnie Garrett describes the growing trend of the lone terrorist (the single terrorist that acts alone); he uses the LA gunman that opened fired at the LA Airport in LA last fall. This gunman didn’t go through security. He walked in the front of the airport got out his gun and opened fired. This type of ...view middle of the document...

Margaret Raymond writes about the fourth amendment being violated more and more in the name of “War on Terror” in today’s environment, this is something I had not conserved a lot but I have given thought to. Many of our rights are diminished in today’s society in the name of the “War on Terror”, be careful what you say (first amendment); we suspect you are a terrorist we are searching your car or house (fourth amendment).
Nat, H. (n.d). Our liberties under siege. Washington Times, The (DC).
Nat Hentoff writes about the Patriot Act that was signed after the Twin Towers were destroyed by terrorist in New York in 2001. In the Patriot Act the Government makes it legal to spy on American Citizens under the name of “The War On Terror”, this takes away several of our liberties, such us our due process in the court of law, a warrant to search our homes or seize our property and to be heard in a court of law and in a timely manner. What I specifically enjoyed about this writers article, besides the fact that it validates my own writing, is that it also goes into our history as a nation before the Declaration of independence was written. I find this interesting, it ties what is going on now and the freedoms we fought for in our history all together. We have come full circle.
Coleman, M. (2007). A Geopolitics of Engagement: Neoliberalism, the War on Terrorism, and
the Reconfiguration of US Immigration Enforcement. Geopolitics, 12(4), 607-634. doi:10.1080/14650040701546087

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