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Unit 16 P1 Essay

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P1- Report: Describe the internal and external factors to consider when planning the human resource requirements of an organisation.
The human resource department is the most important asset to any business. Human resources are the people who are in charge of administration. In addition they are in charge of hiring and training staff.

1.0: Internal Factors
2.0: External Factors

1.0: Internal Factors- Internal planning factors are those that relate to what is already happening inside of the business.
1.1: Organisational Needs: As an organisation Google needs to be consistently changing and adapting to stay one step ahead of its competitors. This is because if they didn’t ...view middle of the document...

One of the major services that was introduced was Gmail. Gmail is Google’s version of E-mail. Most peoples default webpage is Google. The benefits of this to the user is that the link to the Gmail website is directly located on the Google search homepage making the ease of access for user simpler in comparison to Hotmail where most users have to Google search Msn first before reaching the Hotmail login page. On the other side of the scale Google has also been introducing new products to the market which have been classed as technological breakthroughs. The main product that has been released is the Google Glass. Google Glass is a piece of tech that you wear as normal glasses. But unlike normal Glasses they Google Glass is a wearable computer that allows users to search, take and view photos, message people and use a variety of different apps. The HR team for Google would’ve been in charge of hiring the right people for the right job in ensuring that the improvements and business ventures would be a success.
1.3: New Markets: As a worldwide business Google is always looking to expand into new countries. Internal factors can massively affect wither or not a business is ready to expand or not. An Example of this would Google wanting to expand into China. Google would need to consider if they could first afford the cost of the expansion. Then they would need to ensure that they are able to hire the correct staff i.e. they are fluent in both Chinese and English for effective communication but are also to perform their job to an exceedingly high standard. Finally they would need to consider the location in which they would want situate the business. All these factors would be given to the HR team and then they would go off and gather all the relevant information and tell the Head office of Google if it was realistically possible to expand into China.

1.4: Technological Change: Google is always expanding and looking for more efficient ways to run the business. One of the ways in which a business like Google may change is advances in technology. If new technology was introduced that was able to do a job better than an employee then changes will need to be made. HR would have to examine all the staff currently employed in that area and decide wither or not they can be replaced by a machine. If the answer is yes then HR then must decide if their skill set is more useful in a different department and if not ultimately decide if they should let the employee go.
1.5: Location of Production: Once Google has made a prototype of a product and is happy for it to go into mass production. For maximum profit HR most locate a warehouse that has the skilled workforce to complete the task but also at the lowest cost. Countries that have no minimum wage are ideal as the cheaper the labour the more profit at the end.
1.6: Skills Requirements: Google is an ever expanding business that’s needs to ensure their staffis all kept on their toes and working as...

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