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Unit 10 Final Essay

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Unit 10 Final Project

IT 320

Justin Burse

An operating system is the main management system which is loaded after the boot loader has finished. Its responsible has many core responsibilities which allows all the programs to work together as one system. In the layer structure on the right you can see it is the link between the core hardware and the applications that use these pieces of hardware. How input and output devices link to the applications is controlled by this core program.

Device Manager

When a new device is made it has a program to control it, known as a “driver”. This driver is built to become a plug-in to the ...view middle of the document...

As only one action can be performed on each processor core at once it is important that we allow other jobs that may be more important to interrupt a less important job as each job may be a few thousand lines of machine code, the code directly fed into the CPU. The information on jobs like this is kept in an “Interrupt Registry” which controls what processes interrupt when and also when the process is finished which other process gets resumed first. As well as this programs running multiple tasks at once (known as threads) would be controlled to try and give each thread equal time on the processor, known as Time Sharing.

Storage Management

This looks after the hard disks and other storage. It uses the FAT tables to ensure it does not overwrite data, and allows deletion ,copying and moving of data.

API Management

Allows programmers to interface with the system through libraries. Although this is not managements, more a way of interfacing.

Human Interfaces

Within computing there are two main on-screen interfaces to the computer. These are known as the CLI (Command Line Interface) and the GUI (Graphical User Interface).


The CLI was the original user interface as it was easier to implement within systems and had a low memory footprint. Because only one command can be executed at a time, and this only had text output there was very little functions to actually control the programs running, unlike the GUI which needed window management, launchers and rendering engines.

Although the command line is very basic is does not make it any less useful than a GUI. Simple commands and scripts can be run with less memory footprint than its GUI counterpart. The output from command line programs also can be “piped” into other programs, allowing one programs output to be another programs input. Within the BASH Linux Shell this link is simply made by adding a ‘|’ onto the CLI before specifying the next program.

However, as more complex tasks came along and the command set grew it became apparent that greater control was needed than that of a simple monospace text console. Computers were growing to mimic the real world better and better and as features, such as fonts, started to be used the system had to be upgraded to a graphical system, where images could be viewed, formatted text documents created and drawing tools utilised. This grew to be the beginning of the GUI interface.


The first GUI’s were very simple graphically represented icons for particular commands. Rather than typing a screen with all the options could be viewed. When the correct options were selected the command was executed, the output was processed and better graphical results could be analyzed.

As GUI’s grew in popularity, with the introduction of home PC’s and novices being able to get a computer for a comparatively low price to the first the CLI became less used for tasks, even when they may have been the best to use. Microsoft Windows is...

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