Unit 1 Problem Set Essay

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Luckus Little

NT1230 Client Server Networking

Unit 1 Problem Set 1

Lesson 1

1. the general public in the United States will be able to purchase all of the Windows 7 editions in retail stores except... Starter, Home basic and Enterprise.

2. the core module that provides all of the Windows 7 capability that isn't language- or edition-specific is called... MinWin Module.

3. When you copy a file to a library, Windows Explorer writes the file to the folder designated as the … Save Location.

4. To use federated search, you must download or create XML files for specific sites called... Connectors.

5. The only operating system edition that you can upgrade in-place to Windows 7 ...view middle of the document...

.. Aero Pack.

9. the Windows 7 Blank edition is only available in a 32-bit version. Starter

10. The maximum amount of system memory supported by Windows 7 Enterprise is... 192GB.

Lesson 2

1. Windows Easy Transfer supports two types of migrations, called Blank and Blank. Wipe and Load & Side by Side

2. When a serious problem occurs with Windows 7, you might be able to repair it by starting the Windows PE operating system and running diagnostics tools. In this scenario, Windows PE is called by another name, which is Blank. Windows Recovery Environment

3. To migrate user profile information from one computer to another, you can use either Blank or Blank. Windows Easy Transfer or User State Migration Tool

4. A computer running Windows PE will automatically reboot after Blank. 72 Hours of continuous running

5. Windows Easy Transfer supports migration using any removable storage medium common to the two computers except Blank. Floppy Disks

6. The Windows 7 component the enables the computer to support more than one language is called the Blank. Multilingual User Interface Pack

7. The reason it is possible to remove the Windows 7 installation disk to supply the Setup program with drivers is that Windows PE runs on a Blank. RAM Drive

8. To upgrade Windows XP to Windows 7, you must perform a Blank. Clean Installation

9. The files and settings that Windows Easy Transfer can migrate to a Windows 7 computer are primarily stored in Blank. Registered Files

10. As a pre-installation environment, Windows PE is a vast improvement over MS-DOS because it includes internal support for Blank and Blank. NTFS File System & FAT File System

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