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Unit 1 Possible Essay Question

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UNIT1 Possible Essay Questions
HOW ESSAY QUESTIONS ARE GRADED: The essay questions do not necessarily have "right" and "wrong" answers. You are graded on your ability to USE the information you have learned in class. There may be multiple ways of answering the questions. To earn full credit, the information you present from class must be accurate, you may not ignore major concepts which contradict your argument, and your reasoning must be sound. WARNING: Do NOT get your answers from the internet ‐ these answers are usually WRONG because the responder is not in this class. They are providing answers using different information.
1. Some political figures have dismissed Evolution or ...view middle of the document...

The grass needs to be healthy and full of nutrients to help nourish the cow and to do so is through photosynthesis. Rice belongs to the grass group, monocot plants. Rice is a seed. No we are not killing plants, we are just eating seeds so it prevents rice deom growing in other places.

4. Explain why we should be very concerned that algal populations have declined 40% since 1950. How do humans benefit from algae? Why should algal populations be increasing rather than decreasing?)
Algae plays a huge role in our society, it’s located at the base of the food chain so it serves many purposes. It provides us with food such as nori aka seaweed. It helps create oxygen. Algae plays a role in creating medicine as well as household products. IT also can create limestone with the help of the environment.

5. Seedlings of the same species of plant can grow at different rates. For example, some seedlings grow tall very fast, but others remain short or grow much more slowly. Give one reason why in might be advantageous for a plant seedling to grow tall very fast. Give one reason why it might be advantageous for a plant seedling to remain short or grow slowly. (WARNING: if you are thinking about predation, consider what the most common animal predator would be.)
It might be an advantage for a plant seedling to grow tall very fast because it could be more efficient and produce more seeds or have a greater range for spreading its seeds by wind. It could also outcompete its neighboring plants. An advantage for a plant seedling to remain short or grow slowly is it won’t take as much energy or need as much nutrients as a tall plant seedling would.

6. Recently, botanists were able to grow a 'date palm' from a seed which had been dormant for 2000 years. Was this seed alive? Give one biological argument to support "alive" and one biological argument to support "not alive".
Yes- it was alive because it still had the proper nutrients to turn into a date palm rather than remaining a seed in the ground. It had the power to grow and transform itself.
No- it doesn’t possess traits such as vital organs, grow, develop, go through homeostasis


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