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Unit 1 P1 Essay

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There are many different types of communication, such as verbal, graphical and technology. In this piece of work I am going to assess what they are used for and when they would be used effectively. I am going to give information on six different types of communication and examples of how, where and when they could be used best in a health and social care setting.
1. Verbal
There are two types of verbal communication the first is one to one communication and the second is group communication.
One to one verbal communication is between two people using words to talk to each other, this could be in an interview, involving many different types of skills such as good concentration skills, high ...view middle of the document...

They need to be confident in their role and position, motivated, enthusiastic and encouraging. They also need to show respect for everyone in the group.
2. Sign Language
Sign language is a system of communication using visual gestures and signs. It conveys meaning using manual communication and a serious of sound patterns. Sign language is where you use your hands to form letters of the alphabet to communicate with deaf people, as they cannot hear. Sign language could be used in schools for children with special needs. It is effective because it helps deaf people to communicate with people who are not deaf and it helps those who cannot talk to communicate with those who can talk. It is important because in an emergency you may need to give or receive information to and from a deaf person or someone who cannot talk. The communication cycle helps people who cannot talk to send messages and it also helps deaf people to receive and decode messages.
Braille is a form of written language especially for blind people. The characters in Braille are represented by patterns of raised dots, felt by the fingertips, it is based on touch. A man named Richard Braille invented Braille in 1829. People who are blind or have low vision use Braille. Braille allows these people the opportunity to independent reading. Blind people read Braille, for example if a blind individual wants to buy some medicine from the supermarket, they need to make sure that they have picked up the correct medicine. This shows the importance of Braille because medicine is a very serious substance and if they have taken the wrong one, they could be at risk, therefore, it is very important that they have Braille so they can read the instructions and so they will know when they can read the instructions to the medicine and take the correct amounts. This communication is used by people who are blind and low in vision, it allows them the opportunity to independent reading writing and reading with dots that can be felt by their finger, it is all based on touch. An example of Braille being used in the health and social sector would be a blind person maybe reading a letter in Braille sent from hospital concerning their health; they'd have to feel the dots to understand what has been written. Another example could be if a blind person was reading a letter sent by the hospital regarding their health, they would have to feel the raised dots to understand what has been written.
4.Graphical (Using signs and symbols)
A picture is a visual representation or image painted, drawn, photographed, or otherwise rendered on either a piece of paper or a screen. Pictures and symbols can be used to communicate with deaf people, people who cannot speak the same language as you and also elderly people with amnesia. A symbol is something that represents or stands for something else, usually by convention or association. Pictures and symbols are important for many different reasons such as,...

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