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Unit 1 Assignment 1: Effects Of Routing On Current Communication Methods Used By Organizations

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Graded Assignments
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Graded Discussion/Assignment Requirements

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As the IT consultant, management has asked you help improve Johnson’s visibility by suggesting methods that can be used reroute and improve the current methods of communication for:
* Reaching out to new customers
* Standing out from other businesses
* Meeting existing customer needs
* Keeping customers informed of news and updates
Research how Johnson can update their current communication methods then write a summary report that addresses the following:
* How can Johnson Company update its communication methods to reach out to new customers?
* What can Johnson do to stand out from other businesses?
* What communication methods can Johnson use to meet the needs of existing customers?
* Which communication solution do you recommended for Johnson to keep customers informed of news and updates?

Required Resources
* None

Submission Requirements
* Format: Microsoft Word
* Font: Arial, Size 12, Double-Space
* Citation Style: Chicago Manual of Style
* Length: 1–2 pages
* Due By: Unit 2

Self-Assessment Checklist
Use the following checklist to support your work on the assignment:
* I have researched how the current communication methods can be updated.
* I have described the methods that can be used to improve visibility.
* I have described the methods that can be used to meet the needs of existing customers.
* I have recommended a communication solution for Johnson based on my research.
* I have followed the submission requirements.

Unit 2 Assignment 2: Evolution of Ethernet

Learning Objectives and Outcomes
* Differentiate between the Ethernet standards, specifications, and technologies that drive current LAN connectivity.

Assignment Requirements
Review details of the Ethernet family of protocols in the text sheet titled “IS3120: Unit 2 Assignment 1 Evolution of Ethernet.” Analyze the changes that have occurred over time in this family of related standards. Then write a report that answers the following questions:
* What impact will the continued evolution of the Ethernet standard have on data storage requirements, assuming capacity continues to follow the same pattern of progress?
* What network devices will be required for the configuration of a VLAN-enabled Ethernet network?
* What statement can be made about the rate of progression in data transfer capacity in Ethernet standards?
* If an organization decides to implement a medical imagery repository for radiological reviews, requiring 100Mbps connectivity for eight workstations operating at the same time, what is the minimum Ethernet standard to implement? Briefly explain the reasons behind your selection.

Required Resources
* Text sheet: IS3120: Unit 2 Assignment 2 Examining Ethernet Changes Through the Years

Submission Requirements
* Format: Microsoft Word
* Font: Arial, Size 12, Double-Space
* Citation Style: Chicago Manual of...

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