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Unions Essay

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Unions were formed because of the less than human treatment, implorable working conditions, and slave labor maneuvers that employers used to run their company and handle their employees. Labor unions have been considered by many to be an organization that defends and helps the working class people in America.
A Union is constituted by a group of workers who link together to create a strong partnership against the company they currently are employed by. These partnership are created so that these groups of workers will have the requirements to quietly negotiate with their employers for better and safer working conditions, equal opportunity in the place of work ...view middle of the document...

The reason of unions, due to the fact that they are a business has continuously been to first safeguard employee fairness. Unions nowadays do not have the same emphasis. They are struggling to stay alive in a situation that no longer requires this level of power. Company work groups could substitute the union idea, which would place unions out of commission. There would be many out of work union employees. With their existing financial, social, and political power still undamaged, this business scheme is not going away, even if its reason is vanished.
Unions were form out of necessity to safeguard the safety and security of workers. Throughout the years, they have provided a united voices for employees. Still, the work setting has changed severely over the last 20 years. With the surge of the online community numerous companies, despite the fact that they are based in one state, hire people all over the country. Through smooth communication, numerous companies are capable of handling labor relations concerns now more swiftly and proficiently, allowing Human Resources to dedicate additional time to resolving employee concerns and backing managers. Companies are met daily with a growing range in staff. The incursion of minorities and women has radically changed the make-up of the U.S. workforce. Not only are companies contending with other U.S. companies; unions are contending with international unions. Many companies are already thinking universally; are unions think the same? The insinuations of a global business on labor relations include making a worldwide company culture.
One of the things, unions would need to help with their membership is to change how Americans see them in total. Since the auto industry crisis and bailout, which was unsuccessful, many Americans have seen the union be the reason of the bailout failure, and not the senior manager at the control. Unions should be more social media conscious and therefore invest in more campaigns that will allow them to recruit new members. The attitude should not be just the mind set of recruiting, but how that recruiting is done and approached. Show employees that by being unionized allows them a vast numbers of positive outcomes. Unions should also re-evaluate themselves and their purpose of being. They need to show employees that they are better at times negotiating contracts that are not only helpful for the employers, but also to the employees’. Unions should also come up with ways to negotiate better and more solid contracts. ”Women and minorities make up the majority of the U.S. workforce. Therefore, unions must appeal to this new environment. Unions should target women and minorities who have been subject to low wages, which makes them more economically vulnerable. Union strategies must target that population’s issues. Because there are more women in the workplace, unions must focus on issues that are important to women, such as family obligations (leave, day care, etc.)....

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