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Unionization Of Ford Motor Company Essay

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Unionization of Ford Motor Company
Human Capital Management 531
February 27,2012
professor: Ricky Owen

Unionization of Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company Background
At the beginning of the century, cars were merely toys that only the rich could afford and were very complicated to drive. Henry Ford did not invent the automobile, he created a car that every typical, average American would be able to afford. Henry Ford was able to produce affordable cars because he introduced the idea of the assembly line to manufacturing the cars. The efficiency in which the cars were manufactured allowed Henry Ford to decrease the cost of the Model "T" from $825 to $575 within four years of ...view middle of the document...

Possible Laws That Could Be Broken Because of Legal Issues:
If Ford were forced to furlough many of the employees, and jobs after bargaining with UAW they could face many legal issues with the union because this would be considered a breach of contract. Even though emotions may run high during unionization campaigns, management is prohibited by law from threatening or interfering with union organizers or drives. These threats include being disciplined, or discharged, or promising to withhold future benefits if the union succeeds.
Unions must also abide by rules as well when recruiting people. Unions must not threatened or coerce employees if they do not want to join the union. "The union can picket the employer only if (1) the employer is not currently unionized, (2) the petition for election has been filed with the NLRB in the past 30 days, and (3) a representation election has not been held during the previous year" (Cascio, 2010).
If Ford could negotiate layoffs with the union, Ford may still face class action lawsuits if they cannot show just cause and prove that discrimination did not take place during the layoffs. If more of one group of workers; (ie. women or African Americans) are laid off Ford also can be accused of favoritism and again be faced with discrimination law suits. Recommendations to Minimize Litigations:
To avoid any litigation, Ford must have guidelines for the negotiations with the UAW in place in case the future goals and objectives cannot be met because of shaky economic grounds. These litigations should include the policies and procedures and define which group or groups would be affected if jobs needed to be furloughed. Human resources would also be an important part of this process because personnel files would need to be accurate and up-to-date to include reviews and disciplinary actions so that discriminations allegations could be defended. Benefits of Joining a Union:
Ford benefits from negotiating with UAW because they only have to deal with one entity instead of individual people. The company and union can avoid work strikes by compromising and coming to an agreement that is agreeable to all parties. UAW and Ford want to avoid work strikes at all costs because it can be devastating to the individual employees and company as a whole. If employees feel like they are treated fairly, they will be more happy at their positions and productivity will increase. Unionization Process Within Ford:
In the United States, unions were formed to protect workers from abusive management regarding unsafe working conditions, and low wages. Ford was...

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