Unicon Is A Customer Focused Financial Services Organization Providing A Range

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Abstract of unicon investment solutionUnicon customers have the advantage of trading in all the market segments together in the same window, as we understand the need of transactions to be executed with high speed and reduced time. At the same time, they have the advantage of having all Advisory Services for Life Insurance, General Insurance, Mutual Funds and IPO’s also.

Unicon is a customer focused financial services organization providing a range of investment solutions to our customers. We work with clients to meet their overall investment objectives and achieve their financial goals. Our clients have the opportunity to get personalized services depending on their investment ...view middle of the document...

Such corporate activities are only possible if the global environment, which sustains all life on earth, is healthy. We must address such environmental issues as climate change, resource exhaustion and the need for effective management of chemical substances both as risks to business continuity and as business opportunities. In doing so, it is important that we act strategically and with a medium- to long-term perspective.

Recognizing this, we aim to be a leader in the environmental arena by ensuring that we conduct our business in a sustainable manner. To this end, we will also collaborate with others wherever possible to ensure our ability to provide innovative environmentally conscious products and services that enrich our customers' lives.

Taking these sentiments into account, we have set forth the Sony Group Environmental Vision, the goal of which is a “zero environmental footprint,” that is, reduction of the environmental footprint of our corporate activities and of every Sony product throughout its life cycle to zero, and we continue to pursue a wide range of related initiatives. We will strive to achieve this by 2050; our goals for the first phase, which continues through 2015, are outlined in Green Management 2015.

Green Management 2015 focuses on four key environmental perspectives-climate change, resources, chemical substances and biodiversity-which it refers to as “environmental aspects.” To formulate appropriate goals for 2015, we estimated our current status vis-à -vis our ultimate goal of “zero environmental footprint” for each of these aspects, after which we employed backcasting to determine desirable levels for 2015 and analyze the differences between these figures and our actual forecasts. In setting these goals, we exchanged opinions and ideas with relevant nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and experts.

At present, every Sony product negatively affects the environment to some degree throughout its life cycle or at different stages thereof. To ensure our ability not only to conduct our business in a responsible manner, but also to take responsibility for the environmental impact of every Sony product at each stage of its lifecycle, we have divided the product lifecycle into six stages: Research and development, product planning and design, procurement, operations, logistics, and take back and recycling. We have also set specific goals for each stage.

Basic Policies for Achieving Green Management 2015
Our efforts to achieve the targets of Green Management 2015 will be guided by three basic policies.
1. Achieve targets through unrelenting efforts to increase efficiency
We will strive to minimize our impact on the environment by improving the efficiency of production processes, logistics and office activities, among others.

2. Place a high priority on creativity and innovation and implement environmentally conscious actions that are approved and supported by our customers
To date, the Sony...

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