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Unhealthy Hospital Essay

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Medical Care has been a major factor in many countries due to the increasing in the corporate dominance; this has also increased the inequitable distribution of the health care availability and reduced the health care conditions in the urban and the lower income group communities in the countries. There has been a political neglect and a trend has been a sliding phenomenon of economic disinvestment shows same at-risk in neighborhoods. Here to discuss in relation with the components of retrenchment, austerity and also the capital consolidation policies that has shown in characterization in many countries with difference to the political economy for several decades. In the ...view middle of the document...

After many visits from and inn within my locality, the clinic was also not much to look at since the out patients waiting for the nurse, apologies instead of treatments were the casual looks at the first insight of the six story building entrance of my clinic. In these times if I could get an opportunity to hand up with acute care hospital in Marksville which had both superior facility and best technology. So at this peak situation the only option I have is to cut cost, I came out with an options inter cuts and external cuts, but for which cut in employees would affect my hospital quality of care and even eliminating some of the clinics couldn’t satisfy the fall. Since, it was serious official survey that quality is the biggest issue my clinic is facing.
At this immense situation Clara Bryant the recently appointed commissioner of Marksville’s health services repeatedly argued that the clinics were an essential service for Marksville’s low-income residents. But I might have explained my situation to Bryant about the situation and the measure I want to take, immediately her response was you don’t measure the community’s health on an income statement. It was really a pleasing statement, now I’m convinced with other way of solving my problem, It was an ideastic of relocating the hospital or to make any substantial cuts, but relocating the hospitality is the biggest issue where the quality care with cheapest cost couldn’t be provided to the poor neighborhood of the localities.
But In my point of view I would have recommended to the board of directors not to shut the clinics instead will change the employees who can give up better reliability and good quality of Medicare so that the staff could avail a good profit to the organization which can run with sufficient funds and also good medical technologies can be availed in the clinics. But it was observed that mostly the instead of choosing shut down of clinics the better option we can go for free standing care centers and in a more affluent suburb of Marksville, in conjunction with our staff doctors At the same time, I would have recommend construction of a mini hospital in this neighborhood an emergency room, an operating room to perform same-day surgery, a neonatal unit, and a sufficient number of inpatient beds to handle uncomplicated number of inpatient beds to handle uncomplicated and obstetrics. We could open a physicians’ office near the mini-hospital, which eventually should generate a good profit, primarily because of higher insurance reimbursement rates that come with serving a more affluent population. Such relocation would satisfy our admitting physicians, who would receive both higher reimbursements and the new stand best technology .Initially, both the care centers and the mini hospitals one would feed more serious cases to Blake’s current location, helping to increase margins. But through phased expansion, the entire operation eventually would relocate to the suburban site. I could...

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