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Understanding Your Customers Hr Cipd Level 3

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The role of a HR Assistant is a varied and interesting role as no day is ever the same, whilst dealing with clients.
A HR function should ensure the services they provide are timely and effective, as they are a cost centre and need to be adding value to any business.

Understanding Customers

Customers of HR want a proactive HR function, which spots issues ahead of time and works closely with managers to address them.
Within HR there are many types of clients who have different needs, below I will list the 3 most common and an example of a need they may have from HR.
* Employees
An employee may contact HR to ask for information and guidance regarding how to initiate a flexible ...view middle of the document...

There are 3 main types of communication that we use on a daily basis - verbal, nonverbal and written. Each method of communication has its advantages and disadvantages, which I will explain below:

| Advantage | Disadvantage |
Verbal | PersonableDirect | Difficulty understanding dialectsNo evidence for future reference |
Non-verbal | Able to show empathyActive listening (leaning in and nodding) | Cultural differencesThreatening |
Written | Paper trailAble to reach a wide audience | Not personableCostlyUnderstanding unknown |

A HR assistant would use verbal communication when conducting, interviews, appraisals and inductions. Using this method is more personal and a great way to build a relationship.

As with verbal, non-verbal communication is essential when building a relationship with a client. Open body language will show that you are listening. Good eye contact and a subtle nod of the head will also show active listening. This is important when a client has come to you with a problem and often shows that you are approachable.

When wanting to reach a wider audience, for example an update of policy change within a company - written communication is best. This allows clients time to read and take in the information and then respond back to you appropriately.

Effective Service Delivery

An SLA (Service Level Agreement) is a document that describes services HR provides and the quality of standards agreed in the terms of service.
SLA's are used across the HR function.
One of the terms agreed in a SLA could be that phones will be answered within 20 seconds or that forms will be scanned in within 3 days of receipt. The SLA will also outline how the service...

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