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Understanding Tv Essay

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The BBC has been involved in several scandals in recent years. Is it time to privatise it?

There are many reasons fore and against privatising the BBC as the organisation has been involved in many scandals throughout the existence of the BBC but if the BBC is unable to provide a public service, then shouldn’t it be privatised? “The BBC’s six public purposes are set out by the royal charter and agreement.”- (, 2012). In order for the BBC to be considered a public interest it must include at least one of the six public purposes. These being promoting education and learning, encouraging cultures, representing the nation, keep up with current affairs around world whilst ...view middle of the document...

” - (Curran et al 2003). What Curran et al is trying to explain is how the BBC is run by people who don’t convey or care about the interests of the public, even though the majority of the country is middle – classed. This means that BBC fails to broaden their output and understand the needs and interests of their audience. Due to the middle – class dominance, which affects the views and opinions of the BBC as whole.
However the BBC has served the publics interest since the evolution of television, without the BBC the majority of the country would have not received television at all. “By 1956, 98 per cent of the country was able to receive television” – (Curran et al 2003). According to Curran and Seaton the BBC organised redistribution, allowing people from remote parts of the country to receive television compared to the majority of television owners coming from the south east. This shows that the BBC does have the public interest in priority as they helped television reach almost every home in the country. This sort of distribution of television would have not been made possible with out the BBC “national service was an investment which could not have been made by the commercial companies” – (Curran et al 2003) if at this time the BBC changed from being for the public interest to privatised. The act of redistribution of television in the 1956 would have not been made possible because that sort of investment could have not been made by commercial company.
Moreover, the BBC in the 1980’s was faced more scrutiny for their “public service”. Thatcher at time had been challenging the BBC throughout her time as Prime Minister. In 1985 she had put together a committee whereby she asked them to whether the license fee should be taken away. “She asked one question and one question only – is there an alternative to the license fee?” - (Anthony Smith, 1991). The reason why Thatcher had come to this reaction towards the BBC was because the way she believed the BBC had acted towards her government. “The Prime Minister, umbraged by what she took to be the BBC’s habitual unfairness towards her government” – (Anthony Smith, 1991). This quote is Smith proves that BBC yet again fails to deliver a fair and balanced broadcast of public service. This is another example of the BBC not necessarily being “on the fence” when it considered politics and therefore not serving a public service in the best interest of the public. As the BBC are initiating their political preferences and broadcasting these views to the public.
In addition, the pressure of privatising for the BBC appears to be non stop through out the years. The BBC also has to endure the induced influence of the market. “BBC, so long as it survives, is capable of denying, as the Americans say, anything up to half of the total audience” – (Anthony Smith, 1991). What I believe Smith is trying to say here is that although the BBC are pressurised quite frequently to back down and privatise, they still take...

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