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Understanding The Earths System Essay

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Emmanuel Udeh
Dr. Draman
March 26, 2015
Strategic Management
Understanding the Foundation
George Perkins Marsh (March 15, 1801 – July 23, 1882), an American diplomat and philologist, is considered by some to be America's first environmentalist and the creator of the sustainability concept. His Ideals and concepts were beyond that of the time he lived in. He believed that the earth was a system that had a perfect compensation process. This is system could handle any kind of change or natural disruption, but when man began to tamper with the earth it became apparent that the earth compensation process could not handle the destructive nature of humans.
Marsh strongly suggested that if ...view middle of the document...

Another primary source was animals. Although animals assisted in this process they could not do enough damage to break the system. Animals like beavers and insects would make their effort to disturb the system but the compensations of the system would always proceed to return to its original state. Marsh gave an example explaining:
“Bogs are less numerous and extensive in the northern states… They generally originate in the checking of watercourses by falling timber, or of earth and rocks, across their channels… The trees whose roots are overflowed soon perish, and then by their fall increase the obstruction, and, of course occasion a still wider spread of thee stagnating stream. [This continues until the water finds a new outlet without similar] interruptions. The fallen trees not completely covered in water will soon overgrown with mosses; aquatic and semiaquatic plants propagate themselves… [Converting a pond to a quaking morass]. Then very often restored to the forest condition by the growth of black ashes, cedars, [etc.]… thus the interrupted harmony of nature is at last reestablished.” (Marsh 48)
This is an example of the findings of Marsh and the perfection of this system created by nature. This process is attempted in present time in developed countries, but the system cannot compensate the damage that has been created by man.
His findings cannot prove that insects have had a huge impact on the conditions of the world, but insects lay their eggs in dead trees and as colonization continued the insect population has “increased in numbers and voracity.” This implies that man has not only directly been destroying the forestry and the world but they have also indirectly contributed. The imbalances of the system have had detrimental effects. “It is, therefore, a matter of the first importance that, in commencing the process of fitting them for permanent civilized occupation, the transforming operation should be so conducted as not unnecessarily to derange and destroy what, in too many cases, it is beyond the power of man to rectify or restore.” (Marsh 50). It has gotten to a point where man is committing to a war that is impossible for them to win. The damages that have been implemented already will be almost impossible to repair. Marsh believes it is too late for the world to wait for compensations of nature to take effect, the damages are too severe. The growth of the destructive nature of man is at exponential growth, and as civilizations continues to grow as will the world of destruction and the disturbance of the sustainable system.
Human actions have to modify or cease to continue the production of technology or there will be consequences. Marsh implied that it is too late for man to wait for nature to restore itself, the human race must take action in this process of replenishing the earth. Human nature is very aggressive, destructive and selfish, because of this the system is broken. At the rate the world is going the world...

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