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Understanding Parkinson Disease And Multiple Sclerosis

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Understanding Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s Disease
Kathleen Clark
August 11, 2013
Gregory Simon

Although both chronic neurological diseases, Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis differ as to their cause, effects on the body, and treatments. When thinking about these two diseases, one probably knows they are of the neurological type, but don’t understand how the two are different. Both of these disorders happen for completely different reasons. While both diseases can have effects on the body and treatments that seem similar, most are specific to the individual disease. It takes a combination of different types of therapies to combat the toll these diseases take on the ...view middle of the document...

The myelin is the fatty sheath surrounding parts of the nerve cells in the brain. This myelin is necessary for fast delivery of messages the brain sends to the body. Another cause of MS could be exposure to some environmental agent that occurs before puberty. It is thought that maybe this may predispose a person to develop MS later. Studies of migration patterns have shown that people born in an area of the world with a high risk of MS, who then move to an area with a lower risk before the age of 15, acquire the risk of the new area. Scientists are trying to figure out why this would be. Still another factor in acquiring MS is thought to be linked to Vitamin D. which is thought to have been beneficial for immune function and may help protect against diseases like MS (National MS Society, 2013).
Parkinson’s disease and Multiple Sclerosis also have different ways in how they affect the body. PD has many ways it makes its presence known. It is a degenerative disease, which means it usually gets worse as time goes on. People with Parkinson's disease have problems with the muscles in their neck, legs and face, which can affect speech. Also patients may have tremors in their hands or arms. The disease can cause the afflicted to walk with a stooped posture, and have balance problems. This disease can also cause difficulties in speech, and involuntary muscle movements. Further, it is possible for people with PD to develop mental disorders such as depression, when faced with such a diagnosis. With MS, the effects on the body are just as devastating. Some warning symptoms of MS include numbness, tingling, weakness in limbs, and difficulty walking. As the disease progresses is causes muscle spasms which can lead to very painful muscle cramps. Severe muscle weakness and spasms can make walking impossible. Individuals with MS can eventually become partially or completely paralyzed. The patient might also have fecal and urinary incontinence as the nerves that control bowel movements and urination are damaged. As with PD, MS can also cause depression and other psychological problems.
In the treatment of these two diseases, there are many medicines and therapies that are used. Some of the medicines uses to treat PD are Levodopa, MAO-B inhibitors, Dopamine agonists, and others. Levodopa, the most effective Parkinson's disease medication, is a natural chemical that passes into your brain and is converted to dopamine. MAO-B inhibitors help prevent the breakdown of brain dopamine by inhibiting the...

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