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Understanding Food Labels Essay

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Understanding Food Labels
Crystal Hayes
SCI/241 Nutrition
August 20, 2013
Carlene Graham

Understanding Food Labels

According to the video “The Food Label and You” the 5/20 Rule is a guideline to the percentage of daily nutrients your body needs. For good nutrients such as calcium, fiber and vitamins you want the daily percentage to be closer to 20%. For bad nutrients such as oils, sodium, fat and carbs you want the daily percentage to be closer to 5%. Here is an example from my pantry. I chose to use Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. These daily percentages are using the prepared figures.
Total Fat 29%
Sodium 30%
Carbs 16%
Vitamin A 15%
Calcium 15%
Fiber 4%
Once I looked at these ...view middle of the document...

The six key elements that I found after reading the article “How to Understand Nutritional Food Labels” would first be the serving size and the servings per package. Serving sizes determines the amount of calories that will be taken in with a certain amount while a serving per package means if you used the whole package. The second element would be the Calories and the Calories from fat. Calories are measured in how much energy a serving will give. The third key element would be the nutrients that we need limit. This would be the fats, cholesterols and sodium. The fourth element is the nutrients that we should get enough of but often do not. They include the vitamins, calcium and fiber. The fifth elements would be the Footnotes at the bottom of the label. The footnotes give us the facts that the percentages are based off of. They include the daily values based on how many calories that will be consumed. Finally, the 6th element is the Daily Values. Daily values are the recommendations that need to be consumed for key nutrients. They are usually based on a 2,000 calorie diet. It helps to show if the key nutrients that will provide the recommended amounts.
The following table shows three items out of my pantry.

Label | Baked Beans | Mac and Cheese | Corn |
Calories per serving | 150 | 400 | 80 |
Percentage of calories
from fat | 15 | 170 | 15 |
Total Carbs | 29g | 47g | 9g |
Total Protein | 6g | 10g | 2g |
Total Fiber | 5g | 1g | 2g |

1) How to Understand Nutritional Food Labels
2) Eating Healthier and Feeling Better
3) The Food Label and You Video

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