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Understanding Bios And Post Essay

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Why it is necessary to use ROM for the BIOS and not RAM?
It is necessary to use ROM for the BIOS because the data in the RAM is cleared when the computer shuts down, but the data in the ROM is always there for the BIOS to use. The BIOS is typically placed in a ROM (Read-only memory) chip that comes with the computer. This ensures that the BIOS will always be available and will not be damaged by disk failures. It also makes it possible for a computer to boot itself. Read-only memory is ...view middle of the document...

How do the POST beep codes make troubleshooting a computer start-up problem easier?
The POST beep codes make troubleshooting a computer start-up problem easier because without the codes a user would not know what was wrong with computer. There are so many different problems that can occur when your computer breaks down. Having beep codes to help decipher the problem makes the repairs easier.
Why is the hard disk busy when performing a cold boot?
The hard disk is busy when performing a cold boot because it is testing all of the hardware. With a cold boot, the BIOS verifies RAM by performing a read/write test of each memory address. It checks for a keyboard, mouse and for a (PCI) bus and, if it finds one, checks all the PCI cards. If the BIOS finds any errors during the POST, it will notify you by a series of beeps or a text message displayed on the screen.

How can you recover your system from a failed BIOS update?
If the primary system BIOS is damaged, and there is a secondary BIOS, you can switch to the secondary BIOS. If you use the wrong Flash BIOS file to update your BIOS, or if the update process doesn’t finish, your system can’t start. You may need to contact the system or motherboard maker for service. Purchasing a replacement BIOS chip may also be an option. BIOS chip replacements cost about $ 30– 40 each.

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